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Game 2: The Crown of Trillion (Journals and Recaps)

Written by Drew, Yankee Samarai, Commando Chipmunk, and That Guy Over There

Game 2: The Crown of Trillion

    The morning in Donindor’s camp began with the usual hustle and bustle of vendors coming in and setting up, travelers entering the camp each with their own reasons in mind.   Before long the Sheriff ring a bell and announced two quests that rewards of gold were being offered for.   The first was a quest that had been posted almost two weeks ago, but no one had been able to achieve thus far. That quest had been taken off the board as some quarters never returned from it.   The Sheriff explained that a traveler came through the camp almost two weeks ago and spoke to Donindor in private. The traveler had two very important artifacts stolen from him the night before by the Fenwomples. He asked Donindor to post the retrieval of these two objects as quests and he would offer those that could retrieve them a hefty reward.   The retrieval of the first of those two objects was one of the quests that the Sheriff posted in the morning.   The second quest that the Sheriff posted was something of urgency that had just come to light. A letter was intercepted from someone calling himself the “Plague Doctor”. The letter was written to an herbalist nearby stating that he would accept his offer to meet him and meet him at a specific location in the dying forest nearby. In the letter it was evident that the Plague Doctor was intent on collecting poisonous mushrooms in order to develop a concoction that he would use to wipe out a race of people. He did not mention who he was going to target.   The two quests happened simultaneously as different people grouped up into two separate parties.   The Sheriff let the party that was heading to retrieve the stole artifact and the others went to the location in the letter where the Plague Doctor was to meet the herbalist.   The herbalist has been captured and was being held under lock and key.   The party that went to retrieve the stolen artifact had to go deep into the Fenwomples territory where they found what appeared to be a Fenwomple treasure stash. There were no Fenwomples in sight, but they party expected traps since the Fenwomples are known for their brilliant and cunning tricks.   The party cautiously approached to investigate the area. Everything appeared to be safe, but they were quite wrong. When the party got in close enough the sound of a thundering clap was heard them and the leaves on the ground in a perfect circle around them bounced in the air as an invisible shield wall trapped them inside the treasure stash.   Then the shield wall started to slowly shrink, threatening to crush them inside.   Looking around the party recognized that a way to escape might be hidden amongst the treasure. They frantically searched through everything finding clues that the Fenwomples had left that allowed them to unlock several locked trunks.   The Sheriff believed that the clues were placed there not for thieves but for the Fenwomples themselves so they could easily disable the shield. The Fenwomples didn’t count on the party being intelligent enough to crack all the codes and riddles and escape.   The party was able to retrieve the first of the two artifacts that were stolen with seconds to spare as the shield wall was closing in so tightly on them that they almost lost their lives.   The Sheriff warned the group that the Fenwomples would notice if anything was missing and the party was careful to return everything to the way it was when they arrived, save the one artifact that they left with.   The traveler had explained to Donindor that the Fenwomples would never know that this object was gone. Donindor confirmed that this was indeed true if the object was what the traveler claimed it was.   As the party returned to camp with the object they started to forget all that had happened over the last hour. They knew what their objective was and a rough idea of what the object looked like. They knew that their memories had been affected in some way and that must have happened while retrieving the object, for they carried the object with them back to camp.   The Sheriff wondered if the object its self were causing the memory loss because the traveler said that the Fenwomples wouldn’t know it was missing and also provided a special box to put it in once it was retrieved.   When the party returned to camp the Sheriff placed the object the box that the traveler had left for them.   Meanwhile, while that quest was going on the other party went to intercept the Plague Doctor. They arrived to find the Plague Doctor there with two brutish body guards.   The party discovered that the Plague Doctor was wearing an explosive vest and was ready to detonate it if he felt that his life was threatened. Also the swordsmen in the party had to be especially careful not to strike the explosives on his person.   The party was able to dispatch the two guards and capture the Plague Doctor, removing his vest carefully.   They brought him back to the camp and locked him up.   Unfortunately the Plague Doctor somehow was able to escape.   At that point both parties had returned from their quests with success and were given the gold rewards promised. (10 gold for each person on either quest)   Not long after that a healer named Nichol was heard hollering for help from a ways off. She had apparently been captured by slabs traders that had targeted her because of her healing abilities.   Many in the camp immediately responded and ran to her aid.   There were several among the those that took her captive, but the numbers that came to her rescue were greater. The battle was swift and Nichol was request from the Slave traders.   They returned to the camp and had only enough time to heal their wounds before a young lad and his sister came limping into camp in a panic.   The two explained that they, along with their parents and others in their caravan had been ambushed by black knights.   The healers came to their aid quickly and the Sheriff gathered a group to go out and look for survivors.   The young lad, healed from his wounds led them to the spot where they had been ambushed. The members of the caravan were close to death. One of them was able to explain what had happened. He explained that the Black Knights told them that since they were dear friends of Donindor’s they would pay the price for his mistakes.   The wounded man then warned the party that their were trees moving in the woods coming at them. The party turned to see the tress closing in all around them. They were Kindaplings.   The party made a circle around the wounded and defended them while attacking the trees.   Some of them had fire branded swords and this became invaluable against the trees. They were able to defeat the trees after a mighty struggle.   They began to heal the wounded when all f a sudden everyone in the party from Donindor’s camp heard a voice in their heads claiming to be Donindor, calling for help.   Donindor was communicating with them telepathically and explained briefly that he was under attack and he needed their aid urgently.   The healers quickly finished their job and the party rushed off in the direction that Donindor had given them telepathically.   On the way the party encountered what appeared to be Toumthin (one of the prisoners taken by the Shape Shifter) sitting in a field, silent. Upon approaching him, he roared at them and spoke. The ShapeShifter allowed Toumthin to speak to them briefly as he was linked to Toumthin’s mind at the time. Then the Shape Shifter took over and told the party that Donindor's home was nearby. He said that he knew that they too had homes and families, things which could be lost, destroyed. He warned them that all who helped Donindor would suffer that loss And then disappeared from sight.Donindor repeated his telepathic call. The party turned from the place where they had seen the Shape Shifter and rushed to Donindor’s aid.   They found him under the attack of a handful of black knights. The party attacked the black knights and overwhelmed them killing some and injuring two that fled.   Donindor quickly told the party to let them escape but sent two from the party to Perdue them, hoping that they would lead the party to their camp.   Before the two scouts left Donindor gave them wrist bands with some kind of gem stone embedded in it. He told them to keep the wrist band secured tightly on their wrists as this would prevent Athruu (the shapeshifter) from controlling their minds with the powerful artifact that he gad stolen from the ranger two days ago. This artifact is what was hidden in the box that that party was to retrieve with the ranger until they were double crossed.   The two scouts left in stealthy persist if the two retreating black knights while Donindor and the rest of the party followed at a greater distance. While traveling. Donindor explained to them that he had been to speak with a council of a secret order to learn exactly what was in the box that the shapeshifter had stollen and to verify that the shapeshifter was indeed his old enemy Athruu. The object that was stolen was a powerful crown that an evil king had crafted long ago, before the Pale War. This crown gave him the ability to control people’s minds. The King’s name was Maximus Trillion and the crown was named the Trillion Crown. Donindor also explained that long ago he had trained Athruu as his apprentice for many years in hopes that he would be able to join the secret order which stands for good and right in Ashnuw, but in time Donindor discovered that Athruu’s heart was selfish in nature and his desire for power was increasing. Donindor was unable to change his apprentice and finally dismissed him denying his membership into the order. Athruu’s anger towards both Donindor and the Order has fueled his desire for revenge these many years. Donindor also learned that the effects of the forest that has been dying nearby is much more of a problem than he first realized. This forest has always had an especially strong magnetic force in the rock below it which creates a very high point in the magnetic fields over the surface of Ashnuw. This magnetic field appears to be weakening under the forest. If this change continues, the effects in the nearby lands would be disastrous. Nearby sky islands would likely crash into the ground and the underground caves may also collapse. This could be catastrophic.   Something must have happened to the scouts because they didn’t returned to the party until much later. Among those with Donindor was one with the ability to track people. Acid Sugar used this ability to track the black knights to their camp.   The party approached with caution.   In the distance across a clearing Athruu appeared wearing the crown of Trillion.   The three prisoners that had been captured two days ago were with him. The prisoners stepped forward in unison and drew their swords facing the party. Donindor at this point knew that Athruu was controlling them with the crown of Trillion. Then a large number of black knights came out if hiding forming a line in front of the prisoners also moving in unison. They all simultaneously drew their swords, stepped forward and position themselves in a battle stance.   Donindor warned the party that the black knights would be be more skilled as they would be fighting together as one mind.   From behind all his forces Arthur began to assault Donindor’s mind using the crown of Trillion. Donindor fought back with the crown of Eldinin. The two were locked in a mental battle that showed visibly on their faces.   While Donindor and Athruu fount a mental battle from opposite ends of the battle field the party fought the black knights.   The battle raged with many injuries in both sides. The healers in Donindor’s party kept their ranks from falling while Acid Sugar used her ranged weapon to pick off black knights from afar.   As the battle raged on Donindor dropped to a knee in pain and agony hold his head and the crown that he wore. For a brief moment everyone in his party was being controlled by Athruu and they all turned on Donindor.   Donindor quickly recovered and the party had control of their own minds again. The battle resumed.   Sir Guiscard limped in from the woods and joined the fight with renewed vigor.   The battle was long and Donindor’s party were beginning to be outmatches when suddenly Donindor raised his voice calling Athruu’s name. Athruu realer in pain holding the crown at his head. The pain increased until Athruu could hold on no longer. Athruu three the crown off his head just before it shattered in an explosive blast. Atvthat same time The crown of Eldinin that Donindor wore also cracked in two.   At that moment the prisoners shook off the fog that had covered their minds since they were being controlled by Athruu and they regained control of their minds. The black knights were dazed as well momentarily but continued to fight; although not in unison like they were previously. Athruu’s ability to control their minds had been broken.   The prisoners joined the battle against the black knights and the tides had turned. The black knights were now outnumbered and outmatched. In short order the black knights were defeated, but Athruu had disappeared from sight.   The party recovered from their wounds and rejoiced in the recovery of the prisoners. The crown of Trillion had been destroyed. The day had been won.   But Donindor had some bad news to tell. He explained that while Athruu had breached his mind in that short time he was able to gain the knowledge of two very powerful artifacts that were hidden in similar boxes that the crown of Trillion was hidden in. Athruu would certainly waste no time in trying to retrieve these two artifacts.   Donindor and the party returned to camp and made a plan to leave early in the morning setting out to beat Athruu to the artifact. Donindor knows of a man that will allow them to rent horses from him. Donindor announced to the party back at camp that while Athruu had breached his mind and learned the location of the two powerful artifacts Donindor was able to gain some information from Athruu’s mind. He learned that Athruu was the one behind the magnetic changes under the forest and this is also the cause of the forest dying. Donindor explained that this forest was Donindor’s home long ago and that it is dear to his heart. Athruu knows this and Donindor now knows that this is partly the reason why Athruu is destroying the forest.   After the party eat an excellent meal cooked by Aisha the Sheriff gathered another group together to retrieve the second artifact that had been stolen by the Fenwomples from the traveler.   They ventured out to a different Fenwomple treasure stash and experienced much the same as the first party that retrieved the first stolen artifact. They too barely escaped in time before the shield wall trap closed in on them and they also forgot exactly what had happened to them over the course of that hour.   That small party returned to Donindor’s camp with the stolen artifact just before night fall. The next quest is to beat Athruu to the hidden artifact that Donindor is certain that he will target first. The group that will be joining Donindor on this quest has been instructed to purchase provisions for a long journey, get some sleep and meet him at 5:00 in the morning ready to leave.   (Written by Drew)  
  The paper trinket slides out of Guiscard's pocket, and nests in his palm.   His Squire mingles with the locals in Middlemarch, Nichole, and for some reason...Maki. He pulls out his journal, placing the paper ornament on the opposite page he is writing on.     -For the Grand Master in Navis Roche-   Things have changed much since I last wrote. In this report I will spare no detail of my encounters. I know we have our differences, but please understand my reasons.   I will begin with the man Donindor, whom I lastly referred to as a blasphemer. He bears control over powers we do not understand. Donindor bears knowledge that can turn the tide against Pale. I cannot stress enough how much having him as our ally is crucial, for Pale, which I have now fought thrice, are everything we have trained for, but nothing we are prepared for. I watched a captain in their ranks, Athruu they called him, control the minds of mortals less powerful than he. It was Donindor who set the captives free. I now follow Donindor, to assist in an objective to prevent Athruu from striking again.   I urge you, release our garrisons, reach out for allies...war is coming.     Guiscard tears the paper from his book, and puts it in an envelope.   He stares long and hard at Squire, sharing a meal with the Aizdiharian.   His eyes fall on the paper ornament again and his pen meets his paper.     What is this Elyon? Is my life so imperfect that you have rejected all of my sacrifices? Rejected me when I was ready to die for you? Was it chance that a healer of my own country could not aid me and instead you sent a foreigner to bandage my wounds?   Please forgive my next question which is audacious, and admittedly it borders on blasphemy.This..."Athruu", he is a briggand and thief above all, for he steals what is most valuable...Your children! It makes me realize that I, who am a part of your Chosen, must protect Ashnew by protecting those I have long considered lesser than that of my country. Show me how I must act! Show me how I must reason, for nothing makes sense to me. In the morning I depart with Donindor to see to it that Athruu is stopped. I pressume many of the others will follow. I will be glad for their company, for they have each proven a worthy compatriot. I list there names here so that You may see them and grace them with Your protection.   And please, protect Nopre'om. She is as a young lumistone.     He closes the book, after tearing out another blank sheet.   "She needs to know where to find us."   He writes a quick description of what has happened and where the party will be and why. The letter is folded and placed in another envelope.   "To Madamoiseile Sukoshi" is written on the front, along with a sketch of the paper ornament. "Be brave" the letter ends.   He hands it off to the postman.   "Give this when you see her Monsieur."   (Written by Yankee Samarai)  
  2 | I am on Page 403. I like the word “Babblative.” It’s almost as fun to say Ahklefleebledloodle. I can say as many goofy words as I want without Xkoll around. Heehee.   So, a lot has happened since my last entry. First off, there’s this knight who grabbed me by the neck, so I burned his face off.   Secondly, I fainted in front of everyone again.   But that’s just the beginning. It gets worse.   And even though I’m joking around, it’s also very serious. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt like this before.   What I wrote earlier about this place not being a safe happy vacation is totally right. For one, the trees around here are not very friendly, and that’s quite disturbing. We were attacked by pirates because they tried to attack a really nice healer from Maire Glaise named Nichole (I MEAN WHAT’S UP WITH THAT, PIRATES DON’T KIDNAP PEOPLE FROM MAIRE GLAISE???) Donindor is spooky. I delivered the letter to him like Xkoll asked. I did go on one quest (and I earned 10 gold on it too), but I can’t remember what it was about…   The big scary thing though is what Donindor said after everything happened. I don’t know all the details because I went to take a nap after that guy who wanted to collect acorns freaked out and said he was going to inferno bomb us. But whatever is going on here, it has to do with Pale.   And all of Ashnuw.   Somehow, MiddleMarch’s magnetism is changing and that could affect the magnetic fields that hold up the sky islands. The impact could go way beyond Middle March. I wonder if it could even reach Xkoll up in the north and the Veridian Weyr eventually...   I didn’t think I’d have to worry about protecting my family while I was up here. I’m supposed to be the one being protected.   But nuts to that idea.   So, even though I’m supposed to be resting and staying out of trouble…I’m not going to. After all, I am kinda the last of the Pura Elfes of Alte Rynn. I’m a guardian of Pura first and foremost, but if someone’s going to knock down all of Ashnuw, well Pura jolly well is a part of Ashnuw, so looks like I’m now guardian of all Ashnuw.   I’ve already been trying to think of ways to get my energy up faster and make bigger explosions and shields and fireballs. I’ve been practicing some more fighting with Elayne’s knife she gave me and I plan on getting a big weapon soon. I’m just not sure which one to go for yet.   The only thing that really really stinks is that I’m just a Super and I’m all alone. I’m used to fighting with my Class team. I need a Warrior to lead the charge and actually fight, and I need a Healer (like, I REALLY need a Healer) to keep me alive, and I need a Rogue to do all the strategy stealth stuff, and I need a Ranger to shoot things before they kill me. And then I can just be free to blow things up for everyone.   Oh, yeah. I guess I need a Bard too. To keep us all…happy…and sane…?   (I still don’t really know what use a Bard is, I’m sorry, Lloyd.)   So, I had a idea. It’s a crazy idea. But again, all this makes me feel strange anyway. What if I made a new Class team?   I mean… the others here don’t want their homes and families attacked too, right? We need to pull together if we want to defeat Pale. Of course, I can’t do this on my own. So, yes. I’ll try to make my own kinda sorta Class team.   Acid Sugar is a Ranger, I think! She’d be a perfect Ranger with that gun, and we already know each other and we’re both elves, so I think I could trust her. And then if Sukoshi comes back, maybe she can be my rogue, and the grumpy guy in a black cloak from Torria might be a rogue too. And then Nichole would be the perfect healer—I mean, she’s from the Ultimate Healing Kingdom, for goodness’ sake. Plus, she’d want to help. She wants to help everyone. And as for a Warrior…   …Nope.   There’s got to be more warriors than just him. There’s lots of people in this camp. I haven’t even met everyone yet.   Besides. He has his Squire. He’s already a unit and stuff.   There’s other people to be warriors. Oh, yes, Apsu is a Warrior. And she’s from Pura. Apsu would be better.   And then there’s just the Bard. Hmm. Have no clue. But that’s okay.   We could go on quests together and practice fighting and make strategies while we do what Donindor says. I don’t know if I can actually trust them all yet, but…I don’t know what else to do. I’m not going to be much use on my own.   I better go write a flier now, before the journey starts. Donindor told us to all prepare and rest before we leave in the morning.   ~Maki   (Written by Commando Chipmunk)  
  Dr. Beakerson eyes the scenery of Ashnew before him, as he contemplates how to begin his letter to home.   Hi Jessie, Barney here. I hope all is well with you and Mom and Dad. I miss you guys. I've been away from you all for far too long and it makes me sad. Elyon willing, I hope we will be reunited soon. Until then don't worry about me, I am well. I've managed to make some new friends here, at least, I hope they consider me a friend. I try my best to be nice, but I think a lot of them believe I'm weird, or crazy. I don't know why they think that about me. But it's times like this when I remember what Mom and Dad always taught us about making friends. It hasn't been easy, but I don't give up. I know you'd be proud of me making friends on my own sis. I hope you don't mind me telling about my new friends. First there's Sir Guiscard, a knight from our hometown. He's a little bit grumpy at times, especially when I'm around him for some odd reason, but I think inside he just might be big old teddy bear. Just don't tell him I said that okay? He'll never admit it. I think he does secretly like me though. He also has this squire that follow him around everywhere. I don't think I know her real name, but she seems nice. She's rather silent, but she does good work around here. Eragon Brightsteel was one of my first friends. I think we hit it off rather nicely the first day. He even said he could really use a guy like me on one of our quests. That was nice to hear. I recently met this other girl, Nichole, who is a fellow healer like me. She seems to have a good heart wanting to help people and all. I even got to help her several times. I admit, she can be a bit of an odd one at times. I'm trying to figure her out.   Let's see now, who else was there, oh yes! I just recently met this little elf girl who calls herself Maki. Good nerf is she a realy feisty one. I wasn't sure if I could trust her at first, especially after she burned half of Guiscards face, I think there is more to her than she'll admit too. She strikes me as rather lazy at times, though not as lazy as Uncle Burt. Maybe Guiscard and I can help her out. I think she's a tree huger, but I'm not certain. I'll have to ask again. Did I mention Acid Sugar? She's an interesting one. She carries around this gun that's got all this candy stuck to it. I just hope it's not real cause if that goes bad that gonna be a lot of germs on that thing. Ugh! She seems nice though. There are many more people I've encountered on my journey here, but maybe I'll tell you about them at another time. Oh, if you ever find yourself in these parts, watch out for Sasquatch. Apparently he's been living around here for some time. He really creeps me out, though the Sheriff assures me he's practically harmless. Don't know about that so I always keep an eye out. And don't let me forget about Sukoshi. Although I only met her briefly she's gotta be one of the nicest one here. Hopefully I can meet her again soon and add her to my list of friends. Oh and get this. She says she had 23 siblings!! 23!! Can you believe that?! Her Mother must be a saint!!   Well, I better get going. Doninodor is calling so I better head out. Lot's to do and so little time. Please make sure Mr. Goldfins is well fed and his tank is kept clean. Don't get too much sun now Mom, ya hear? Lots of hugs and kisses to you Ma! Hey Dad, watch that left shoulder of yours, I just healed it before I left. Don't hurt it again while I'm gone. I'll write again to you all soon. Elyon be with you all. Also lot's of love to you!   Love   Barney   (Written by ThatGuyOverThere)

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