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The continent of Ashnuw can be thought of as having three different levels to it. In the sky all across the land are massive floating islands, some so large that cities have been built on them. The ground level is much like any other planet with lush forests, mountains and grasslands. Underground there are massive caverns and networks of caves. Some of these caverns are so large that cities have been built within them. The continent has ocean surrounding it on three sides, but to the East is a desolate barren land known as the Borax Uldeck. No vegetation or animal life can survive there. Any living thing that approaches will begin to feel nauseous with a headache. If they push further into this barren region, the pain will become unbearable until they pass out and eventually die.   In the midst of Ashnuw is a small settlement led by Donindor--a legendary blacksmith, gardener, inventor and retired warrior. Rumor has it that he has some curious and powerful abilities, like for example some say that he becomes invisible in his sleep.   It has become known throughout the land that Donindor is offering generous rewards of gold and even sometimes powerful objects and weapons to any daring adventurers that are skilled enough to complete his quests. Whether brave, noble, insignificant or thieving, many have come from all over to test their skills and try their hand at the challenging quests that Donindor is posting in hopes to gain the riches and powerful items that are being offered. Some have theories about why he is doing this or what he is really up to, but no matter his motives, the rewards are excellent and adventurers have been coming in from all across Ashnuw. Merchants and those selling various necessities have also come to the small camp where Donindor posts his quests to make a profit selling to the adventurers that pass through.   Elsewhere in Ashnuw strange and worrisome rumors have been spreading across the land ...murmurs of an ancient foe by the name of Pale … an unexplainable increase in mushrooms and spider webbing … sightings of ghostly archers …   Some believe that Donindor is investigating these things.   Only those who accept Donindor’s quests will uncover the truth.

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