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Pheonix Todash

Todash was a blue Dragonborn Sorceror who was an adventurer for Ashenhall. He was close friends with Saevel Aelynn and Grimsby Grimhand.   Todash and his family were raised as slaves that served a Spectra-worshiping cult whose temple was located in the Underdark. As a child he discovered that he could channel magic, an ability bestowed upon him by his bloodline. When Paladins of Titan assaulted the temple in which they lived, Todash smuggled both himself and his family out of the cave. After living in the wilderness for a few years, trading with local villages for supplies, Todash heard that an adventuring guild was being founded in Kuhl Bodor, an ancient Dwarven city, felled by an undead curse. This prompted him to leave in search of riches and glory, so that he may return to his parents with great wealth and many stories to tell.

Physical Description

Body Features

Todash has metallic-blue scales that are quite small, except the ones on his head.

Identifying Characteristics

He has a special black tattoo on his left wrist of the symbol of Tahrn slaves (a chain with wings on them, ironically).

Special abilities

Todash has the abilities of a Draconic Sorceror, passed down to him through his bloodline. This means his powers are heriditary and come to him after he has enough experience using them and when needed.

Apparel & Accessories

He wears furs often to help him in the cold weather and climate of North Khusan. He has a necklace that has three different stones on it.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Todash was raised as a servant in Tahrn, an underground temple to Spectra. In actual fact, this temple broke many of Spectra's beliefs and tenants. Their leaders were corrupt and rather served an Aboleth from the Underdark. While paladins of Titan, the Titanium Dragon battled the guards of the temple, Todash and his family escaped, living for a few years in a small homestead in the Kharandos wilderness, surviving off of hunting and farming. Soon enough they moved to a small area near Mulgrin and began to trade with the locals. It was during this trading that Todash heard word of an ancient Dwarven city, laden with treasures aplenty and left to join Ashenhall, one of the guilds dedicated to both aiding the local settlements, protecting Opportunity and recovering treasures from the ancient city of Kuhl Bodor.


He was taught basic (but skewed) history at Tahrn, and that most people above ground were untrustworthy. He did not believe this.


He is an adventurer. A mercenary working for Ashenhall.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He has saved Opportunity and Bramblebranch from a goblin tribe, a hag, undead and an orcish raid, all on separate occassions.   He has defeated a Skeletal Giant inside Kuhl Bodor, a Young Remorhaz belonging to a goblin tribe, a Winter Wolf outside of Ottug Kiven and a yeti in the Spiritmelt Mountains.   After being kidnapped by the army of Tahrn, he, alongside all of his allies, defeated those who once enslaved him. Using his ancestor's powers, he took the form of an adult blue dragon and defeated the two dragons of Tahrn.

Failures & Embarrassments

He was cursed by a hag, who took away his ability to taste things. He was considered a criminal in Peakmeet for some time after Grimsby slew the town's Iron-Warden. He once spent twenty minutes straight unable to escape from an extremely simple trap. He is infamous in Opportunity for falling off of a ram, around twelve times consecutively. He is also infamous in Opportunity for allowing Bramblebranch and it's citezens into the city's gates.

Mental Trauma

He is heavily averse to hags after his previous encounters with them and his curse. He also fears being a slave again.


Slavery is a massive taboo to Todash.

Personality Characteristics


Hopes to earn riches and glory and have great stories to tell his family.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He is not very skilled at staying on a ram for an extended period of time.

Likes & Dislikes

Dislikes: Slavery, cheating.


Religious Views

Despite the skewed belief of Spectra that occured in the temple of Tahrn, Todash clings to his faith in Spectra and follows her true teachings.

Hobbies & Pets

The Mimic is often considered by outsiders to be Todash's pet. Rather, they have a symbiotic relationship: he will not eat Todash if Todash gives him food.


He has a rather high, clear voice for a Dragonborn.

Wealth & Financial state

Despite earning plenty of coin from adventuring he tends to spend it in a rather foolish manner, oftentimes on festival games involving bucking rams.

Chaotic Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Pheonix of Ashenhall.
Year of Birth
1106 26 Years old
Current Residence
Ashenhall headquarters in Opportunity.
Biological Sex
Amber, lizard-like.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Todash knows many languages and speaks: Common, Draconic, Deep Speech, Infernal and Sylvan. Deep Speech and Infernal were taught to him inheretely through his bloodline, and Newt Twigglass taught him Sylvan.

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