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The Mycelian

The Good Kind of Fungal Growth

The Mycelian is an enormous structure formed entirely by intertwining fungus, held together by incredible amounts of white mycelium, revealing occasional glimpses at the fungi underneath. Upon entry, a powerful mystical presence hits you like a wall of power. Powerful divine energies flow through the fungal walls, dancing around tower like electrical sparks. This behemoth structure exists in a hidden location of the Underdark, an enormous series of caverns and tunnels that span the world.  

Myconid Haven

  The Mycelian is used as a place of worship, diplomacy and safety shared between the Myconid Triumvirate and it is the only neutral ground between the mushroom-men of the Deepdark. The Overseer of the red Myconid clan, the Muscari, view the Mycelian as a way to harvest harmony amongst the three clans. The overseer of the green clan, the Dermosc, views it as an opportunity to weave deception and spy on the other clans. The third clan, the blue Ophios, uses the tower as a meeting place to plan and discuss war, much to the dismay of the Muscari. Regardless of its various purposes, physical fighting, magic and outsiders are all prohibited from entering the tower. Also banned from entry are Bleeding Tooth Myconids due to some ancient hatred by the Myconid deities, they cannot physically enter into the Mycelian as divine energies prevent them from doing so. Most Myconids are distrustful of them, even more so than the Dermosc.  

The Sporepits

  Located deep beneath the tower is another cavern, out of which Myconid spores are dispersed. These caverns are known as the Sporepits and once the younglings form, they are read unusual, wordless prayers by an Uncapped Myconid. Upon completion of these prayers, the souls of the younglings are examined by Angelgills, the Myconid equivalent of an angel. Their souls having been examined, they are sorted and coloured into one of the three clans to begin their training as whatever role the Angelgills assigned to them. Although rare, some youngling reject their given role and this tends to spark a rebellious personality in the young Myconid.

The Starcap Festival

  Several times every year the pitch-black cavern roof lights up due to the bioluminescence of the rare mushroom, Starcap. The lighting from the cavern's usually dull 'Glowshrooms' is overshadowed by the blue glow emanating from the cavern. Millions of tiny, intense mushrooms light up the sky like stars in a black sky. Servants of each clan clamber to send messages to their various leaders, so that the members of their clans might join in festivity, bringing with them rare gemstones which they use to adorn themselves, reflecting light from the Starcaps. There is no music, but an eerie form of droning that they all produce together. They dance to this but this 'dance' involves staring blankly at one another and swinging their arms in slow, circular movements, truly a horrifying and other-worldly sight for an outsider.


This tower appears to be made of three different fungal walls, twisting around one another until they form a unified point at the very top. The outsides and insides are covered with balconies, stairs and various floors that hang in strange places, seemingly with very little order. The top floor serves as a meeting/debate/argument room between the Triumvirate of Overseers.   Although the fungus walls forming the tower are primarily white, there are occasionally brown, white, blue, red, green, yellow and sometimes even purple mushrooms or fungi popping out of the web-like mycelium covering this tower.



The Mycelian was created when three Myconid sisters (Portabel, Morel and Stem), the progenitors of the three primary clans, ascended into godhood, becoming a powerful incarnation of their separate beliefs. Those beliefs were harmony, deception and aggression. Holding one another as they ascended, their mortal forms spread and warped, twisting and combining until their tiny bodies became the magnificent tower that stands as the Myconid holy ground to this day.   Not long after this ascension, they began to form their clans, selecting leaders from the scattered Myconid tribes of the Deepdark. These chosen ones were given dreams depicting a pale tower waiting deep within a distant cavern, full of monstrous creatures. Expeditions were sent out, clearing this colossal building for the Myconid deities as a place of meeting and worship. Generations later the tower still functions as a temple and rotting matter is still left at its high walls to provide nutrients to what was once the bodies of their beloved deities.

"Hey, uh, Flycap? Did you ever think maybe the other clans might not want to be our allies?"
— Phylo to Flycap, Muscari Mycelian Guards
Temple / Church
Owning Organization
The Myconid Triumvirate
  • Sporing
  • Spiritual Colouring
  • Starcap Festival
  Mood Music  


  Angelgill A Myconid that has ascended to angelhood, they serve many holy functions within the Mycelian. Bleeding Tooth Myconid A species of Myconid known for being pretentious and cunning, they are disallowed from entering the Mycelian. Underdark A series of underground tunnels that span the planet. Dermosc The green Myconid clan, renowned for their deceptive ways and skills in stealth. Glowshroom A mushroom found almost everywhere in the Deepdark, they produce a dull green light. Muscari The red Myconids, the Muscari, are known to be harmonious and peaceful. Myconid Myconids are a species of mushroom people that dwell in the Deepdark and near Deepdark entrances. Ophios A Myconid clan known to be conquerors, they are blue in colour.. Sporepit A sporepit is a ditch dug by Myconids in which they spread their spores to produce their young, they have no attachments to their own children. Starcap Starcaps are a mushroom that, for a few times a year, produce a powerful blue light. Triumvirate A group of three leaders holding power, in this case, the clan leaders. Uncapped Myconid Myconids that are kept uncoloured by the Angelgills when their souls were evaluated. They can be several colours but aren't obviously part of one clan.

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