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The Mimic

The Mimic

Not just any mimic, this mimic is a member of Ashenhall. It, like all Mimics, wishes to hunt and devour, but it has unfortunately found itself as the "pet" of Todash, a Dragonborn Sorceror working as a member of Ashenhall.   The mimic was found in "Dolguf's Artificery", an ancient store from before the fall of Kuhl Bodor. The store was full of zombies but after Todash, Saevel and Grimsby, three members of Ashenhall cleared it, they found "The Mimic" in hibernation. After a brief hostile encounter with Todash this mimic made a deal: if they were to keep it fed, they would not have to fight it. After convincing the townspeople of Opportunity that the mimic would not be a threat, it settled in Ashenhall headquarters, to be fed by Todash, or Gimble, when needed.   This mimic was created by Dolguf and taught Common in an attempt to "domesticate" mimics, although it was violent it was intelligent enough not to bite the hand that feeds. Problematically the hand that fed it (Dolguf) became a zombie after the city fell to the curse.   It aided the other members and allies of Ashenhall in freeing Todash from Tahrn as it was taken with the simpler lifestyle of being fed its prey.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

This Mimic came into existence as a personal assisstant to Dolguf, a Dwarven Artificer from the fallen city of Kuhl Bodor.

Personality Characteristics


Wishes to devour meat, above all else it hungers for flesh.

Chaotic Evil
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization

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