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Surwynians are the folk that inhabit Surwyn.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Surwynian last names originate from a range of languages including Common, Glacian and Celestial, and usually denote traits or beliefs often associated with the family, regardless of whether or not they are true. For example, Lionheart, Gros (Glacian for large), Brathii (Celestial for resilient).   As with most Khusani peoples, the concept of family is important to most Surwynians. As such, they tend to view their family names with a strong sense of pride. It is also common practice for a Surwynian to go by the name of their home town or city.


Culture and cultural heritage

Surwynian meals typically consist of brown rice, vegetables and meat, usually mutton, venison or boar. Stews are very popular, as are preserved meats. Jerky is made from giant mole meat and other less desirable game.

Shared customary codes and values

Surwynians value family and honour. An insult to the pride of noble or soldier is often met with a challenge to a duel. Surwynian duelling culture is traditionally by blade, and until one party yields (or in some cases, is slain).   They also favour the military. Most Surwynians hold the military in high regards and it is considered honourable to be a soldier. It is expected and heavily encouraged that young adults join or serve the military at some point in their life.

Common Dress code

Surwynian clothing can be described as 'functional but decorative'. Jewel tone fabrics and floral patterns are very popular and add flair to even the most basic outfit. Garments are designed with the brisk mornings, warm afternoons and chilly nights of Surwyn in mind. As such, they are composed of thick, warm materials, worn in easily removable layers to prevent overheating in the midday sun. It is common practice to wear a zippered skirt over long pants. The wealthy often wear well-embellished coats over their outfits, whilst workers are likely to layer a cloak over their daily wear. Headbands are also commonly worn by workers to absorb sweat.   The individuality shown in Surwynian outfits is a stark contrast to that of their military. Uniform tabards denoting status are worn by soldiers to present the ideals of uniformity, discipline and unity to those that see them.

Significant presence in

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