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Saevel Aelynn

Saevel Aelynn (a.k.a. Sae)

Saevel was a elf ranger, a member of Ashenhall and the owner of a Gyrfalcon named Ace. He left Cyrinell to travel the world, become an adventurer and write his book, starting at the Bloodpetal Tundra with Ashenhall.   Saevel is an incredibly talented artist and can create a sketch of a person accurately, he often uses this to show examples of an enemy or of a person the party has met. He also takes adavantage of this skill for gifts, and draws members of the party and his friends.   Two months after he left for the tundra, he became incredibly homesick, which ended up brining a Boggle into existence, which caused a great deal of panic in Opportunity.

Physical Description

Body Features

Ice-blue skin tone.

Facial Features

Elegant features, lacks any facial hair as is typical of elves.

Special abilities

He also has minor nature magics that he learned in his time as a hunter.

Mental characteristics


Saevel is an adventurer and a mercenary for Ashenhall, slaying monsters and helping to reclaim Kuhl Bodor, as well as writing his book on the world on the side.

Failures & Embarrassments

Saevel became excessively drunk at a Festival of the Drinking Horn in Opportunity and embarresed himself in front of many denizens of the town. He tends to not be able to look those people in the eye now.

Personality Characteristics


He wishes to write his book about the world of Ashera and about his adventures.

Vices & Personality flaws

Saevel is an extremely lightweight drinker. He can barely handle any alcohol before becoming hopelessly drunk. He is also quite weak willed and tends to follow the demands of others above his own needs.


Hobbies & Pets

He owns a white gyrfalcon named Ace.


He speaks softly and enunciates his words well.

Chaotic Good
Current Residence
Light blue
Long, sleek, white
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Saevel can speak and write Common and Elvish.

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