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Ottug Kiven

Ottug Kiven, home of the honourable. Only Orcish clans that have done great deeds can settle there permanently. This settlement became a sacred place for Old Orcs, in which the only permitted combat was of the honourable, name-clearing kind and in which only clans that have proven themselves great in their acts may settle. Many Orcish clans camp outside and visit the city, duelling one another and contacting their ancestors under the great tree for which the city is named.   The great "Dread-Branch" (Ottug Kiven in Orcish) is a site of great shamanic power for the Old Orcs, and many clans make a pilgrimage to it so that they might contact the spirits of their ancestors and ask them for their blessings. It is said that this tree was marked as a place of contact between the Outer Planes and the Material Plane by an ancient shaman. Many leave offerings and burn incense for their ancestors that aid them and comfort them in whatever afterlife they are in.   Beneath the tree itself is the Greathall, in which Torka and leaders of the honourable clans oversee honourable combat between foes who wish to have their combat seen and have their names cleared or vilified as the case may be.


Ottug Kiven is lead by a Clan Lord. The only Clan Lord they have had so far is Torka and although she has been challenged for the title, she has won every time. Her people respect her claim to power, but many of the wandering clans and those who have settled outside wish to dispute her leadership.   She takes part in meetings with the leaders of the clans that have been given permission to live in the city, this group is known as the Dreaded Fist. They advise the council, but the Clan Lord is the one who makes the decisions. This leadership is followed out of respect and a need to follow the Old Orc concept of honour.


The city is surrounded by a wall made of sharpened logs from the Wickerwood. All Orcs that live in the city have some degree of combat training and many of the hunters and soldiers that live in it have Riding Wolves.


The city consists of roughly paved dark stone roads and holds one blacksmith and butchers. A few farms dot the lands around the settlement, providing it with food in return for protection.


The grounds surrounding Ottug Kiven was where Torka, an Old Orc monk, challenged a different clan's Warchief who had insulted her clan and her ancestors to a duel to the death. When her enemy was thrown to the ground, however, his sister stabbed Torka from behind. Despite this, she single-handedly defeated both of her opponents and received the blessings of her ancestor spirits, who gave her great power in the form of magical tattoos.   The magical runic tattoos that covered her body were a sign that she was a truly honourable Orc, and many clans followed her as she and her people slowly built up a settlement around an enormous dead tree in the Devil's Passage.


A river flows very close to Ottug Kiven, providing the surrounding farmland with water and dead trees fill the area.

Natural Resources

Wood is gained from the long-dead forest in the area. Mammoths are farmed and hunted, along with other animals (like rams), for food. A river supplies fresh, flowing water to the settlement and its farms.


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