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Grimsby Grimhand

Grimsby Grimhand

Grimsby Grimhand was a Dwarf from the city of Dûrandur, located in the Horncrest Mountains. He is a skilled marksmen and is never far from his prized musket "Annabelle". He left Dûrandur, as he felt pressured to become a Goat-Knight, as the rest of his family is. Instead, he became an adventurer, travelling North-West to the Bloodpetal Tundra to work for Ashenhall.   Grimsby is close friends with fellow members of Ashenhall Todash and Saevel Aelynn, as well as with alcohol. It is not unusual for a Dwarf to drink and Grimsby in no different. He can be found in the Rolling Oak tavern on lonely nights in Opportunity.

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Grimsby used a musket he fondly calls "Annabelle". He also owns a flintlock pistol and a dagger.

Mental characteristics


Before becoming an adventurer, Grimsby was being trained as a Goat-Knight, which he resented, he also apprenticed under a blacksmith but was never any good at it.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Grimsby, along with Todash, Saevel, Brynjolf and Gimble, is one of the founding members of Ashenhall.   He has slain a Young Remorhaz, a Skeletal Giant and a Yeti.

Mental Trauma

He is terrified by yetis and has a large scar across his torso from a previous encounter with one.

Personality Characteristics


He hopes to show his family that he can make it on his own without becoming a Goat-Knight and that becoming an adventurer isn't an impossible task for him.

Biological Sex
Grimsby is entirely bald.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Grimsby understands Common and Dwarven.

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