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Giant Snails

Before Naathos, the All-Father became corrupt and wished to conquer Khusan during the Eternity War, he was fond of the goddess Nukri. To impress her, he made giant versions of many of her creations. The giant snail is one of those creatures.   They once were found all over Khusan in the swamps and in the forests, but due to the increase in monster activity, they just couldn't survive in a large enough number. One of the only place they could survive was in the Wickerwood due to it's eerie, monster-repelling nature.   When Velu began to create her undead within the Wickerwood, the giant snails intrigued her, and from them, she created the Necropods.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

They slowly trail around forests and swamps, chewing on rotting vegetative matter.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

They are as intelligent as the average snail.

Conservation Status
There are very few left in the wild. Those that settled in the Wickerwood were either befriended by Fey and were brought into the Feywild, or were turned into undead monstrosities by Velu.   A few remain in Khusani, Breean and Erevite swamps and forests but their numbers are quite low. Many druids have taken to protecting them as they are nought but simple, harmless beasts that eat the matter of the forest floor.

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