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The Dreadfeathers were a scream of harpies that nested in Galdrak as of year 1801 MA. Their plumage was a mix of crimson and white, and they wore red markings on their bodies.   There were ten harpies total in this scream, which is considered small for a group of harpies. This is because they preferred to stay away from places in which they could easily hunt humanoids, and in turn be hunted back. They were very careful and only hunted those who wandered too deep into Galdrak, as well as the local beast populations (such as deer, wolves and bears). Despite this, they were as cruel as any other group of harpies and enjoyed tormenting the few victims they could get their vile talons on.   The Grandmother of the scream, Thistle, is a beatiful two-hundred year old harpy, with dashing, strong features and blasted back white plumage and red body markings.She has a rustic, gravelly, but beautiful voice that melts the hearts of those she sings to. Thistle is kindly to her sisters and daughters, and is vicious and savage to those that threaten them. She has a weakness in that she will do anything to preserve her beauty (the raids on Horkholm).   She was cursed by a hag in the Wickerwood in the year 1754 MA. Her hair was to become a tangled horrid mess that smelled of rot and disease. After raiding a small camp of orcs she discovered a magical comb with which she could make her hair beautiful once more. This comb was stolen from her by one of the members of the Riversong clan in 1801 MA, leading to Thistle and her scream stealing Horkholm's fishing boats, stemming the flow of their fishing industry, word was sent to Ashenhall to deal with the problem.   The scream also hosts two mystics, practitioners of tribal magics that can cast healing and weather based spells. Their names are Avola and Hystoe and they are twin sisters, born from one egg. They are quieter than the other hags, and have cut their tongues out, a sign of their dedication the the arcane arts. This also means they are unable to produce the beautiful hag song used by other harpies to attract humanoid prey.   The rest of the scream are "Talons", dedicated guardians and raiders for the nesting grounds in Galdrak. Each are vicious warriors with razor sharp claws and aim to protect the Grandmother and the scream's precious eggs at all costs. There are seven Talons in the Dreadfeather scream and their names are as follows: Typho, Podielle, Hellerin, Neph, Tear, Femur, Fang


As with all screams it is lead by a single harpy called the "Grandmother". This harpy is the eldest (and thus, most beautiful) harpy and her leadership is as thus absolute. All the harpies in her scream serve her or they are to find a new scream that agrees with them. The dreadfeather harpies are lead by a harpy Grandmother named Thistle.
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