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The legend of Creation

In the beginning, there were only ashes, the Five Gates and a lone candle. And from the fire of that candle the Mother and the Father were born. And they filled the universe with themselves. But something else was created from that candle, and it was invisible and intangible. And the Father became ill. And then the Father died, befallen by the Great Plague, the First Plague that took his life and rot his body. And then there were only the Mother, the light, and the darkness, the absence of the Father.   Soon, the First Gate opened and from that gate came Kaarish'ka, the Sun Beast, and the heat of it solidified the remnants of the Father. And after the Sun Beast, Lastish'ka, the Moon Beast, came and brought an ocean from beyond the gate. And the heat, the water, the primordial ash and the decay created Life.   Then the Second Gate opened, and from that Gate came Saya, the cold, the death, and the knowledge. Saya killed and froze the Life, and the Land was created. Saya gave the Life death, and gave to some Life knowledge of their death, and thus the Animals were created, and the Giants among them knew the most about death and feared it the most.   Then the Third Gate opened outward and from that Gate came the Chaos. The Chaos surrounded the world, and only the Beasts of the Sun and Moon could walk through it. In the Chaos, thousands of Gates opened, but nothing could pass through Chaos, and these Gates are the Stars. From them came the Dreams, the only thing to pass through Chaos.   Later, the Fourth Gate opened and from that gate came strangers, foreigners without a god. And they brought with themselves meaning and substance to Darkness.   Thus this world was created and came to be.   And when the Fifth Gate opens, this world will meet its end, for beyond the Fifth Gate is Fire.

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Author's Notes

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