What is magic

Magic bends to no one’s will, but it does respond to our passions.
— — Nabu Saa, The Patterns in Force
  Magic may be one of the hardest thing to talk about.  Not because of its mysterious or arcane nature, but because it it a word used to describe everything from sorcery to witchcraft to divination to martial arts.  Magic isn't just one thing, but there is one thing    Sona is the root of all magic.  Sona is a word from Old Golyn meaning, "The Word," and this association with the incantations and rituals associated with early magic.  This life force is found in all things.  It pools, flows, expands, and contracts.     There are five phase or modes of  Sona:  
  1. Rest
  2. Interacting
  3. Promoting
  4. Overacting
  5. Counteracting
  These five phase are more commonly divided into three:
  • Almazan, the Diamond-like energy of merit.
  • Taivan, the lotus-like energy of rest.
  • Miasma, the fog-like energy of malice.

Taivan, Calm Energy

When energies are tranquil, or at rest, they are exhibiting the quality of Taivan, which is a Nadee Jheel word that means, "calm."   Stones, lakes, ponds, and even a quiet meditator  bring their energies into calm. Taivan is stable, but if not carefully maintained can go stagnate.   Taivan is balanced, even energy that is not excited or suppressed by any other force.  The sages say this is the natural state of all things, but the ripples of action prevent the energies from falling back into this state.   In many languages around the world, this state is synonymous with enlightenment or holiness. There is no inherit moral quality that should ever be ascribed to any state of aether. It is an unhelpful analogy that gives many people the wrong idea.  

Almazon, Diamond Energy

When the energy rises or builds, it is said to exhibit the quality of Almazan, which is a Nadee Jheel word for "diamond."  This is the symbol of power or what is also known as imperium.    Almazan covers both the phases or interacting and promoting.   Interacting powers affect each other without overcoming or changing the other.   Promoting powers increase the power of the other.   The Almazan has become a symbol of the indestructibility and irresistible force.  Monarch use it to proclaim their power and right to rule, while various religion and sects depict their deities, spiritual being, and saints holding one.  Many hold physical Almazans while they meditate. 

Miasma, The Shadow of Collapse

When energy is drawn down, corrupted, or spoiled, it exhibits the power of Miasma.  Miasma is an Achaean word for "stain, defilement, or guilt." Miasma covers the phases of overacting and counteracting.   Overacting energies like promoting energies, increase in power, but overacting energies suppress other energies.   Counteracting energies undermine other energies.   Many believe that Miasma is generated by criminal, hostile, and violent acts.  This Miasma accumulates and acts wildly on the energies of the area until they are cleansed.   Magic is the manipulation of this force.   Regardless of the method, all forms of magic use these basic principles to achieve their aims.
Metaphysical, Arcane


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