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Thought & Memory


You summon forth two special ravens that magically manifest themselves out of the raven feathers. After fully forming, you issue a special command to both ravens to fly out into the world and observe it, reporting back after 24 hours. You can send each raven to the same location or to two separate locations of your choice, provided that the location is on the same plane of existence as you and a raven is capable of flying to the location. Each raven travels for the duration of the spell toward the specified location, covering about 25 miles per 1 hour. If you travel to another plane of existence before the ravens return at dawn of the following day, the spell immediately ends.

After 24 hours, the ravens automatically return to you and report what they have witnessed. Each raven provides you with a different piece of information conveyed in a whispered message with each message being no greater than 25 words in length.

When the ravens perch on your shoulder and begin whispering to you, roll two separate d4’s. How relevant the information that each raven provides to you is based on the result of the d4, as determined below:

d4 Results
1 The information is not relevant to you in any way.
2 The information is only of minor use to you, but interesting nonetheless.
3 The information is useful to you, but is not related to a task that you are currently working on.
4 The information is incredibly useful and directly related to a task that you are currently working on.

You can only benefit from a single casting of this spell at a time. Casting this spell again causes any prior and still active casting of this spell to immediately end.

Material Components
V, S, M (an eye plucked from a hanging corpse, a pinch of salt, and two raven feathers)
Gestures & Ritual
Related Discipline
Related School
Effect Duration
24 hours
Effect Casting Time
1 minute

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