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To be accepted as an adventurer one must be licensed by the guild and pass whatever test they might require

Payment & Reimbursement

Adventurers do not receive a set wage but rather are paid per reward or quests completed with those placing the request with the guild determining the reward.



Adventurers are tasked with handling many jobs that are deemed either too dangerous or require specific needs that regular citizens or knights of a kingdom may not be able to handle. From clearing out dungeons to slaying dragons and other horrid threats adventurers are often the first that are turned to and relied on.

Social Status

Many towns and common folk welcome the average adventurer due to their presence often meaning that an issue plaguing a town will be dealt with by the proper professionals. However, some more reclusive locations are more hesitant to trust outsider help and noble folk in some areas are reluctant to pay for the services of those untrustworthy or less reputable.


Dangers & Hazards

It is a known fact that many adventurers do not live long lives, with the abundant dangers and threats they face it is rare for an adventurer to die of old age or in a peaceful manner.
Public Services
Other Associated professions

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