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The Mindless

It just kept staring at me from her majesty's side. I swear those things have to have some mind of their own. They're just too creepy to not be doing it on purpose. Oh, and the other day I saw standing on the edge of a window and looking out at the city. It tilted it's head like a bird-thing from the surface as it watched people go by, like it was curious or something. Was half tempted to push it off just to see it did, but I'm not about to risk my life or my pay by tangling with those things.
~Anonymous Zhi Guard



A singular Mindless, or Taoqiao, are a match for up a dozen or so normal soldiers of the Zhi Matriarchy. They are mostly in groups of dozens with each one specialized for a job.


The Mindless are infused with Flesh Magic in order to strengthen their already decaying body. Then, the open wounds across their bodies are sealed with durable and flexible plates of metal screwed into the skin. More Flesh Magic is then used to remove or block all the pain receptors in the body. Then a metal mask is made in order to designate what the Mindless' role in the group will be, along with the equipment they will be using. The fighters usually have a mask that protects the whole face but still allows them to see, and mechanical gauntlets filled with many different weapons, heavier armor, and some spikes added onto their clothing. The spies are outfitted with lighter armor, chains with a scythe attached, and a notebook in order to record their findings. The bruisers are given massive muscular and mechanical enhancements, as well as large two-handed weapons, and heavy, serrated armor. The riders are given some armor, a tamer's whip, food for their mount, and a long halberd. Snipers are given muscle enhancements, specifically in the deltoids and back shoulders, a giant longbow, a shortsword, light armor, and 3 full quivers (25 arrows) of giant arrows. Groups of Mindless are also given extra equipment depending upon the operation.


A Mindless' general weapon of choice is either their body or a set of chains with scythes attached to them. Though other kinds of Mindless do use other weapons, these are prodomitaly their main weapons.


A Mindless rider might ride giant spiders, megaloths, or diggers depending on where they are deployed. It is usually one armored mount per Mindless rider.


All Mindless are equal within their group and usually follow the orders of their master to the letter, without question.


A group of Mindless act like a pack of wolves, seemingly knowing each other's movements without even needing to look at each other. Spies identify the target(s) and attempt to complete the objective as quietly as possible. Fighters and riders usually are close enough to assist if stealth fails. Snipers are usually found looking over the whole field, their bows trained on the target(s). Bruisers are kept in reserve unless needed to destroy walls or heavily armored units. Being a very small unit able to do a lot of damage, they rarely group together so they excel at infiltrating enemy lines and destroying them from within.


The Mindless are made from soldiers that are found near death, whether they were enemies or not. They are dragged to the labs of the dwarf klan, Klan Koschei, where terrible experiments are used on them to keep them alive and deprive them of any personality. Electro-shock therapy, blood-letting, systematically ripping their nails out, pouring poison down their throats, conducting painful surgeries while they are still awake, smashing their bones, starving them for weeks on end and then overfeeding them, tearing out chunks of flesh and then cauterizing the wounds, skinning part of their bodies, and branding their bodies just to name a few of the methods used.

Few rarely survive the year-long torture that is inflicted on them, but those that do are usually broken husks of what they were, surviving with missing limbs, exposed bones, raspy breaths, and no will to do anything. These survivors are then healed to a point where they can function somewhat and brainwashed into following the orders of their new master, who is usually some sort of high ranking drow or dwarf. After that is completed and it is guaranteed that the initiate is subdued, it is decided on what their role in the unit will. After the role is decided, the enhancements and equipment are made and given to the new Mindless.


Logistical Support

Most Mindless units are self-sufficient and rarely require outside help obtain resources


Seeing how Mindless don't need much in the ways of financial support, and most Mindless make to take care of their, the biggest cost for a group of Mindless comes from Klan Koschie taxing the master for their service and equipment.


Any soldier near death can be made into a Mindless


Mindless are known for not being the that cause the most damage on paper, because they usually are so efficient no one notices. However, when they are seen, it usually was a bloody massacre with barely any survivors, unless their master was merciful

Historical loyalties

Mindless have usually been employed various dwarfen klans and Zhi Matriarchy
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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