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Noxus Crow

The youngest son of the illustrious Crow family, Noxus is a human bard from the The Flourishing Kingdom of Kentadiri. He travels across the The Continent of Oaskellen, gathering supporters for his family's humanitarian organization, Nevermore. After he and his traveling companion, Belgrad, helped rescue the miners of Doum Gaar, he joined the newly-crafted party in traveling to Muriesh.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Noxus is of average height (if a bit on the short side) for a human man, but is exceptionally thin and willowy compared to most. His noble history has left him inclined to a less active lifestyle, though it would be incorrect to say he is out of shape.

Body Features

Noxus has pale white skin, normal for many of the humans in the region where he was born. He keeps his short black hair well-kept and combed, even though he is almost never caught without his hat on.

Facial Features

To the untrained eye, Noxus' skin looks unmarked and unblemished. Some viewers may notice, however, that he often wears makeup to touch up his appearance. His eyes are red.

Apparel & Accessories

Noxus wears fine noble's clothes over his leather armor, with tall leather boots and a short red surcoat with sleeves, and a red feathered cap. He carries a rapier and a dagger on his sword belt, a signet ring on one of his fingers, and has a diplomat's pack.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

During an obscure festival at the Temple of Veladir, Noxus and Belgrad stopped the theft of many dozens of Dreskellian artefacts by the corrupt high priest, Sarbani. A temple acolyte revealed to the duo that the artefacts were going to be delivered to someone named Alabaster, at the Kamkidar Mines. Though he was not necessarily eager to place himself in potential danger, Noxus was intrigued by the opportunities presented by traveling to the nearby settlement of Doum Gaar, where the mine's owner could be found. Together, he and Belgrad traveled to Kamkidar Canyon, where they formed a party with fellow travelers Kay and Maita Lafahel. A recent mine collapse had left many of the miners trapped inside, and the the newly formed party were to rescue the survivors. While inside, however, they discovered that the collapse had been intentionally staged, allowing the local grimlock to kidnap the miners. A thug that the party captured informed them that the operation had been led by a Kalashtar named Haldreth. Haldreth, the thug claimed, works for Alabaster. Noxus also discovered a crate bearing the mark of a smuggler his family had been working with, given the difficulty of locating certain healing agents during the current time of war. After discussing a potential business deal with the mine's foreman, Noxus decided to continue traveling with the party. With a guide to lead them, they traveled towards the black market hub of Muriesh.


Bard college


Head of Public Relations and Fundraising for Nevermore.

Personality Characteristics


To broker deals and raise funds on behalf of Nevermore.

Date of Birth
7th of Dastari, 85 GE
Year of Birth
85 G.E. 21 Years old
Biological Sex
Short, black, neat
Skin Tone
130 lbs
Known Languages
Common, Elvish, Orc

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Cover image: Asfreiya WA Cover by Rae Sansom


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