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Welcome to Ascondia. This is an adventure created for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. This is a progressive adventure that can be modified to fit most small sized groups. With an experienced Dungeon Master it should serve as a long term campaign that can be expanded upon.   Ascondia is a steam-punk style world, a place in the midst of a scientific change in the world. Magic still exists, but people have figured out a way to harness it without the use of Arcane abilities. An imagination is all you’ll need to narrate and play out this adventure. It’s geared towards beginner to advanced level Dungeon Masters.   The world of Ascondia has been torn asunder on more than one occasion and the races are at a tenuous peace. Some races have become reclusive and war is looming on the horizon. Forge alliances, face deadly Gods and reclaim the world from the grip of those determined to destroy it.   Adventurers, decide who you worship and how you plan to celebrate that worship for sometimes what goes around comes around, even for a God..