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Rules Notes and Quick Reference


Hit Points, Stamina and Resolve

Hit Points – Functions as per other systems. At first level you get Race+Class. You gain the class HP per level
Stamina Points – HP pool that gets taken off before HP. Can regain by taking a 10 minute rest and expending a resolve point.
Resolve Points – You have a number equal to ½ your character level, rounded down (min 1)) + Your classes key ability modifier
Resolve can be spent to regain stamina(above), activate class features. You regain your resolve by resting for a full 8 hours
It can be spent to stabilize (Costs 1/4 your maximum, minimum 1) if you are dying
If you are stable or knocked unconscious from non-lethal damage, you can spend 1 resolve point to heal 1 HP   Aid Another
At GM’s discretion on certain relevant checks, if they succeed at a DC10 check they can give another creature +2 bonus to the skill they are attempting   EAC = Bonus to Energy Armor Class. Protects against laser and plasma weapons
KAC = Bonus to Kinetic Armor Class. Protects against projectiles
Max Dex = Max dex to add to AC, affects both types   Tumble functions similar to other games
Use acrobatics to move ½ speed through enemy space with no attack of opportunity. DC = 15 + 1.5 * opponents CR.
Tumble through an opponents space = DC 20 + 1.5 * CR   Surprised Combatants - Flat footed = -2 AC   Saving Throw DC’s - 10 + ½ class level + key ability modifier
Spells DC’s = 10 + Spell Level + Key ability modifier
You always round down unless specified otherwise
You get a Move, swift and standard action, or can ignore all that to perform a full action. But you can trade your standard action for a swift or move   Guarded step = free 5’, counts as a move   Reloading = move action   Delay - Declare delay. After another creature has taken their turn, you can come out of delay. This changes your initiative   Ready an action - Declare an action and a trigger for it. If the action is not purely defensive, it takes place after the offending action. This changes your initiative order   Stabilize = DC15 Medicine   BAB 1 or higher can draw and sheath weapons still as a move action    

Combat Notes:

Targeting grid Intersection = AC5. if it misses it scatters (there is a chart)   Range increments suffer a cumulative -2 penalty. Max 10 range increments. Thrown max Range = 5 increment   Casting While Threatened = They get an AOO and if they hit and damage you, you fail the spell and lose the slot   Charge = move double speed. -2 to hit and AC for one turn   Coup De Grace = Crit the enemy, they take a fort (DC10 + your level) or die   Full attack = 2 attacks, uses entire turn, -4 to hit, unwieldy cannot do this   Ability Damage = If dropped to 0, you fall unconscious. If its con, you die. If you take it to your primary stat, you lose 1 RP point. Recover 1 per day   Ability Drain = Similar to damage but permanent. Make it temporary until after the battle. Can only be fixed by a “restoration”. Might make you lose resolve, stamina and other bonus’s.   Negative Levels = Each negative level is -1 to ability checks, AC, attack rolls, saving throws and skill checks. Reduce hit points and stamina by 5 for each negative level. You are treated as 1 level lower for spellcasting and other level dependant abilities. If your negative levels equals your level, you die.
To remove, attempt a save. DC = same DC that caused them.   Concealment = 20 or lower on a % dice or miss. Total concealment = 50% miss chance   Cover = +4 to AC and +2 to reflex saves   Low Obstacle = cover within 30’   Soft Cover = +4 bonus to AC (creatures and enemies in the way)   Partial Cover = Half of you is visible, +2 to ac and 1 to reflex   Improved Cover = If hiding behind a gun port or defensive wall, +8 to AC and +4 to reflex)   Flanking = +2 to attack if your enemy is threatened   Prone = -4 penalty to melee rolls, +4 bonus to AC against ranged rolls. -4 AC to melee.   Difficult Terrain = Each square costs 2   Grenades Mechanics
Grenades are thrown weapons that detonate in an explosive radius when they reach the target. A grenade’s listing on Table 7–7: Grenades shows its explosion radius. Some grenades have additional effects, such as blinded or entangled, that apply only to creatures in the explosion radius that fail a Reflex save against the grenade. The DC of the save is equal to 10 + half the grenade’s item level + your Dexterity modifier. Any penalty you take to your attack roll also applies to this save DC.

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