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Ipsilon Space Station

The Ipsilon Space Station lies in the Valissian system, nestled deep within the asteroid belt of Yellis. Yellis is a small icy moon that orbits the enormous gas giant Sypsos and is is known for being the location of one of the fiercest battles of the civil war. While the war is over and the Conglomerate of Celestial Principles arose from the ashes, the signs of the battles can still be found scattered throughout the system.   Valissian is considered within the Principalities control, but the remoteness and lack of major space ports means the navy does not patrol the region. It also contains no strategic warpgates or major population centers, meaning it has minimal importance to the Empire. For this reason it has become a haven for pirates and those wishing to participate in activities that might wish to avoid the Principalities eye.   The station gets its name from the remains of the old Ipsilon-class Battlecruiser that was destroyed during the war. In one of the last major engagements in the orbit of Yellis, the battlecruiser suffered a catastrophic strike from a nuclear torpedo, rupturing its armory and splitting the gigantic vessel in half. The warship eventually became embedded in an enormous asteroid cluster, and while the navy returned to strip it of it remaining weaponry, the ship was deemed irreparable and was abandoned. Nearly a century later, a crime lord by the name of Montgomery De Villiers wished to gain a strong hold over the field. With the rise in corporations interest in the resource-rich moons of Sypsos, the lack of oversight by the navy, and the valuable trade going through the area, he sought to find a suitably strong base of operations to project power from.   The old battlecruiser may have been an infested wreck, but it was also a marvel of military engineering and even in its sorry state would still be capable of surviving direct hits from some of the strongest weapons known to the navy. While it was a costly endeavor, Montgomery and his team began work, and the main section of the wreck was sealed and the Ipsilon Space Station was born.   Originally intended as a base for illicit activities, the group has found more profit by making it a place of refuge from the CTPs control. Montgomery has since kept his direct involvement in illegal activities to a minimum in an effort to not draw the ire of the CTP, and instead facilities the activities as a neutral arbiter. It is considered a neutral port, and with its valuable location many others use it as a staging area for their own purposes. As long as none are openly causing problems, any are welcome at the Ipsilon Space Station.  

Locations and Map


Ipsilon Characters

  Montgomery De Villiers - Montgomery is a tiefling male and owns the station. While he has a fairly stand-off approach to the business conducted within, he does step in to hire outsiders or send in his men to enforce the peace. For this reason the station is known for being a bit lawless, as unless something is likely to impact Montgomery's bottom line he generally does not step in. He is charismatic and intelligent   Phoenix - Phoenix is an outdated AI system that was found aboard the original Ipsilon battlecruisers. That model of AI programming has been retired in favor of new models and was only found aboard military vessels, and it's speculated she is likely the only active AI model of her kind. While the stations original computer systems by all rights should not have been able to survive the devastation and passage of time, somehow Phoenix has persisted and has embedded herself in the modern architectures that has since been installed throughout the station. While she is not as sentient as an android she somehow has evolved a personality of her own and is nigh omnipotent in the control of the stations subsystems. This worried Montgomery at first, the resurfacing of this rogue AI that evaded all attempts at purging it, and was seen as a security risk and obstacle to maintaining control. However she doesn't appear to cause any harm, and mainly keeps tabs on the vitals of the station and alerts those to potential risks. To those that she meets, Phoenix is generally helpful, and is seen as a sort of interesting attraction to those that come to the station. Montgomery has installed numerous hologram points around that allows Phoenix to greet those that arrive, and she is good at guiding those to their destinations.  

Ipsilon Factions

  Monty's Crew - The muscle behind the man, this nickname is for the suit-clad group of thugs that enforces the peace on the station. They have adopted a centuries old aesthetic but are well armed and armored, and acts as its police.   Gaccione Reavers - (Gang ran by Tabitha 'Mad Girl' Gaccione)  

System Factions

  CTP - Even though the Valissian system currently houses no permanent CTP bases, the tendrils of the vast empire stretches even to this remote corner of the galaxy. Its agents sometimes still make their way here in search of targets, and their eyes are ever on the local systems in their desire to incorporate the system into the empire.    Valissian Separatists - The Separatists wish to separate from the CTP and unite the system under their own banner to rule it as one System. They are often descendants from the civil war and view the CTP as an oppressive empire that seeks to subjugate them, which is largely the truth. Their tactics are not always wholesome, and because of this the populace is largely split in who they support. The CTP has labeled them a terrorist organization.   Astral Extractions - This powerful mining conglomerate often uses Ipsilon as a stopping point or recruitment base for bounty hunters or work that they need to contract.   The Hardscrabble Collective - This small collection of miners largely operates within the asteroid belt and moons of Yellis   Omnistellar-Silverdyne – Company

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