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Campaign Introduction

Greetings traveler, and welcome to the Valissian System! Not long ago, this solar system was the location of the primary conflicts in the devastating war between the Separatists and the empire of the Principality of States. While the Principality won the battle, the war was lost as the old empire collapsed under the strain of galaxy-wide protests and riots in response to the nuclear devastation of old Valissian. From its ashes, the Conglomerate of Terrestrial Principles was reborn and a new age had begun. While the fledgling empire is still one of the most dominant forces in the galaxy, it is struggling to retain control of its old systems and colonies, and many systems and planets remain largely independent from its grasp.   The Valissian system is a refuge for those who wish freedom and independence from the empires control, but it is also a harbor for fugitives and outlaws, criminals and pirates, and all those wish to capitalize on this anarchistic state of affairs. Corporations and agents of the CTP come here seeking to establish order, while others resist their intrusions and wish to remain independent, and even some wish to unite the entire system together under a new government. Others seek to investigate the relics of the past, explore new and dangerous worlds or to spread the gospel to the wayward children of the stars. While it is a place of danger, the Valissian System is a land of opportunity for all those seeking to make a name for themselves.   Your journey begins aboard The Dauntless, a small freighter making its way towards the gas giant Sypsos. Around the rings of its moon Yellis lies a well known independent space station ran by the infamous Montgomery. Here you hope to find work, refuge, a new life, or some other goal that has brought you to the fringes of civilization. As the rings of Yellis pass beneath you, the Dauntless weaves through the dense asteroid field and prepares for the final approach to the old battlecruiser.   Welcome to the Ipsilon Space Station.  

Useful Links

Character Creation Info - For a step by step guide to character creation including races and everything else related to making a character.   History of the Galaxy - For all lore leading up to the current day, this is homebrew and contains the basic history of the universe.   General Lore - Contains some general lore to how the game sort of functions and some basic terminology. There are differences between the standard pact worlds of Starfinder and how this universe works.   The Hidden Truth (starfinder resources) - While the websites name is admittingly a bit shifty, it is a safe website and has tons of useful links and references to everything Starfinder. I highly recommend using it to find gear to buy/create, as this game will rely far more on purchasing and buying your own gear than other systems.

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