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Ascary (Chaos World Chronicles)

1208/ 01/ 01/ Novae Diluculo

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World Background

The world of Ascary is divided into 4 great landmasses. Lecarne, Seneca, Rhoygir and the far away lands of Carrion. The stage for mortal races to wage war upon each other, on one side we have the Lecarnic League, the amalgamation of both elves and beastmen fighting together to uphold and venerate those who manifest magic. And on the other is the Senecan Alliance, a union of humans, dwarves and orcs those mostly untouched by the gifts of magic yet oppressed by it, looking to rid the world of all forms of magic. Time and time again these two sides clash, yet most wars are indecisive. One can only wonder who the gods favour in these trying times.

World Factions

The Lecarnic League

The sons and daughters touched by the gift of magic, able to manifest mana through different schools of magic. They are the ones who fight to keep magic alive in the world of Ascary, and by keeping the eternal tree Pagose, the holy site of all magic protected, the practice of magic shall continue prosper. The elves of Lecarne, admittedly the ones who began the entire conflict by driving the humans and dwarves out of their original homeland. Practitioners of the traditional arts of magic, and masters of mancery depending on their variant. The beastmen are rather arbitrary. Sure, they wish to fight against the invading Senecans who wish to rid the practice of magic but most races of beastmen are detached from the conflicts. They may argue that they aren't even Lecarnic their loyalty is in their sovereigns on Rhoygir.

The Senecan Alliance

The great migrators of the period of Scarsis. Both humans and dwarves somehow survived the long displacement until they came Seneca. These people promote the new technology that their savants introduce, from terrifying siege engines such as the trebuchet to medicinal procedures, the alliance who helped their civilization reached the skies with great steam powered machines that fly. Humans rule over the majority of Seneca, as the great assimilators of culture both dwarves and orcs mainly rally under their kingdoms. The dwarves, the great innovators who have changed the path of Senecan technology. And finally the orcs of Rhoygir, nomadic tribes in service of Seneca. A common problem the Alliance faces is that most of their empire building often leads to infighting.

The Harmonist

The people who believe that both magic and technology could thrive, mainly pacifist with small numbers to back them up. They are composed of almost all races, often victims of these wars who want to see it end. They are those who dream an impossible dream as their rhetoric is often ignored. currently they are composed of small city states who are devoted to their cause yet militarily fragile. They might need to form armies to fight fire with fire, else they would be wiped of the map.

I write fictions based on the setting on Royalroad under the name Rat King Kyle and you can search out my fictions of this setting with "Chaos World Chronicles"   Here is the link to my profile

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