The War for Littorio Island

Even with all the death they've caused, I pity those Santonian bastards. Their country's been fucked up for years, and just as it gets on the straight and narrow, we swoop in over this. This tiny fucking island. All they want is for us to go away, and if it takes blood, they'll do it. Half makes me want to defect, so I can feel justified in causing pain. But here I'm sat, sand up my ass, dead friend at my side, all so Her Shininess can win a fucking island.

I hope we leave soon so Alexis won't be in too bad a state when we finally get her home.

— Divinitian Soldier, 1083

The War for Littorio Island was a week-long conflict between Divinice and Santonia, centred around the titular island. It marked the point where Divinitian expansionism finally met its match, despite the weakened state Santonia was in at the time.

The Battle

In early 1083, as Eloise III's navy expanded ever outwards, a small force landed on Littorio Island. Mistaking it for unclaimed land, or otherwise land owned by lesser peoples, they claimed it for Divinice. The island's inhabitants fled for mainland Santonia, not all that far away.

The Santonian king and his council were furious, and an army soon landed on Littorio Island to demand Divinice leave. Eloise III refused. She quickly sent her own force to meet the Santonians, though they initially stayed on opposing sides of the island. Eloise made the first move, and perhaps an ill judged one - the Santonians had firmly camped out and had already received reinforcements for an ally. The battle was short, but not without its causalities and injuries.

After a few more days, with the arrival of yet more troops to support Santonia, it seems Eloise realised her mistake, and withdrew her army from the island. After a short meeting with Santonian delegates, the war was resolved peacefully, and Eloise agreed to not threaten Santonian lands again.

The Conflict


After a weeks worth of standoffs and at least two skirmishes, Divinice agreed to back down and to, in future, lay no claim to island directly off the coast of Santonia or any coastal islands near the Eastern Continent. As such, Littorio Island remained Santonian.


This war, though brief and not particularly bloody, deeply soured relations between Divinice and Santonia, even worse than the Victorian War from the 20s and 30s. It is considered to be at least part of the reason that Santonia would later rally its allies to support Stolisia during the Stolisian Wars.

Conflict Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Santonian Victory


Divinitian Empire
Santonian Coalition



4 dead, 7 wounded
3 dead, 5 wounded


Claim Littorio Island
Protect Littorio Island


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