Stolisian Insults

By Nora Delaney

One thing all travellers to Stolisia should know is that these people have such a variety of ways to insult you. They've got terms from their native cultures, terms from their new culture, and terms directly stemming from shared and disparate history. Nowhere else in Losiné will you find such a variety of sources, for nowhere else in Losiné has experienced turmoil and tragedy quite like the Stolisians.

One insult that may not seem so to a foreigner is the use of the word azure. "But Nora!" you might say. "How could that be insulting? It's a shade of blue!" Ah yes, to you. But to the Stolisians, whose ancestors were forcefully made part of Divinice by an empress bearing such a name, it means something far greater. For a Stolisian to compliment how azure your shirt is, they are telling you something very simple - that they despise it. And oh, if they use it to describe something about you that can't be changed, like your eye or skin colour? Oooh, poor traveller, you've crossed them, and you should be wary. You may even find they use it to describe things that are patently not blue. Do not fear they are colour-blind, friends - they know what they mean.

The same understanding can be applied to the word divine. "But Nora!" you say. "That just means its of the gods!" Oh yes, dear reader, but only if you forget all that context. For how could you bear someone claiming to be from the Divine Kingdom stealing your land? No, dear reader. For a Stolisian to call something divine, outside of the purely theological, is for them to call it false, to call it a liar. Unless you can channel the gods themselves, being called divine is no compliment.

Common Phrases
How azure of you How rude/mean-spirited/awful of you What a divine day What a shit day


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