Lusca is the capital of Divinice, and the largest city in Losiné. It houses the Council of Princesses as well as the illustrious Academy of the Divine. It is often referred to as the City of Light or the Jewel of the South.


Lusca was founded in 628, at the same time as the founding of the Divine Kingdom. Its position marked the small seaside Stolisi town that many of the Divinitians had landed at after their migration.

The city quickly boomed as Stolisi and Divinitians worked together to make it better, and became the site of Merlis Palace, the home of the royal family. When Divinice began reaching back out to its old eastern neighbours, Lusca was the major port of all for all visitors, followed far behind by the young city of Amanta.

Lusca was the center of a mass break of out Death's Dawn in 940, which would never truly go away and would only die down in 954. The disease only affected Grace and Stolis Islands, where Divinice was located, with only a few small cases noticed outside. After even the royal family was infected, starting with Crown Prince Samson in 946, many people fled the city for the countryside, briefly deserting the city. The royal family would only return to Merlis Palace in 956, 5 years after the death of King-Consort Sorin, and their return helped revive the city.

Lusca's rebirth was further helped along by the reign of Queen Twila I, the first demigod monarch, who helped revitalise flagging trade and brought the city and the country into a golden age.

Lusca remained largely unmeddled with during the War of Succession from 997 to 1004, and would next see major problems in the Fire of 1030. This fire is largely attributed to Princess Victoria of Santonia, whose 'Victorian War' was being waged in the country at the time, though some suggest that the fire could have been a simple accident. Since the fire, Lusca has steadily grown in size, absorbing many of its neighbours into its vast sprawl.


Lusca sits on the eastern shores of Grace Island, allowing for wide golden beaches to be the centrepiece. This also allows for the large Port of Lusca, where many of the ships come in. The city itself is situated on gently rolling hills, through which winds the Wari River.
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