Lunar Power

Lunar power is a method of converting darkness (which in this world, is something like light, as in it exists in its own right) into electricity. Alongside solar power, it powers the majority of all technology in Asavla!


It's used to power basically everything via the power grid. Electric cars, manufacturing machines, weapons, etc.

Lunar and solar power were invented by a team of elite demigods from the Academy of Divines in Divinice, who had been given a sizable scientific budget by the Empress of the day, Eloise III, after their discovery of the potential of electricity to improve systems across the country. The credit is broadly given to Divinice due to the sheer number of demigods involved over the four decades that they worked on the technology.
Access & Availability
At the time of its creation it was an incredibly closesly guarded secret, used by the Divinitian military and industrial sectors (particularly the mining sector in the south) to boost production and efficiency. After its became impossible to ignore, Divinice began selling panels to foreign allies, and charging other countries exorbitant prices. In the modern day, particularly following the Demigod Drought, it is incredibly wide-spread as tech and is responsible for powering almost everything in the world.
Initially it would've been large and complex in the form of huge generators, manufacturable ONLY by demigods (capable of manipulating elements like fire and earth to be really precise in the parts). With advances in tech, powered often BY lunar and solar power, they can be manufactured easily by factories and can even by home-made with a few spare parts!
Lunar and solar power were discovered approximately simultaneously in the late 11th-early 12th centuries by a number of Demigods from Divinice. It sprang from an early discovery/revelation regarding electricity and its ability to power basic tech. The experiments were done to see if basic demigod magic of light and dark would be capable of generating electricity.


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