The Southern Lands

Losiné is a collection of four major islands, plus the Kao Islands archipelago and many smaller islands, which together make up the southernmost landmass of Asavla. These islands contain 4 sovereign states - Divinice, Stolisia, Tsuliya, and Nirvejan.  

Main Islands

Nirvejan Island - The largest island in Losiné, home to the titular Nirvejani people and Nirvejan. Also home to the disputed territory of East Tsuliya
Stolis Island - Second largest island, home to various Stolisi tribes and Divinitians. The majority of island is claimed by Stolisia, with the smaller northern sector claimed by Divinice, and multiple territories in dispute.
Nuli Island - Home to Tsuliya and the Tsuli people.
Grace Island - Smallest of the core islands, Grace Island is claimed in full by Divinice, and holds its capital, Lusca.
Kao Islands - Often considered part of Losiné, the Kao Island archipelago stretches west of Stolis and Grace Islands and is territory of Divinice  


The climate of the Losiné Islands varies wildly, based on proximity to the South Pole. Those closest to the pole, such as Nuli Island and the southern parts of Stolis and Nirvejan experience cold summers and colder winters. Sub-arctic conditions are also frequent throughout all but the northern ends of Stolis and Nirvejan. Those northern parts, in addition to Grace Island and Kao Islands, are largely temperate with little snowfall.

Included Locations
Included Organizations
Yellow - Divinice. Red - Stolisia. Black - Nirvejan. Blue - Tsuliya. Any colours in between are regions in dispute, with whichever colour it is closest to is the country that is functionally in control.


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