Iridescent Raven

Should your ship run afoul of the weather, or lose its way by human error, simply look out for the raven - it will guide you home.

The iridescent raven is a species of raven native to Losiné, with higher concentrations around Stolis Island. They are larger than ravens located elsewhere, and glossy shine of their feathers is more prominent and skews heavily into purple tones. They are heavily associated with Kysro, Goddess of Darkness, by locals. It is the national animal of Stolisia.

Cultural Observations

The iridescent raven can be a symbol of good or bad luck, depending on where you are located. For the majority of western Stolisians, living west of the Varris Mountains, they remain a good luck symbol. This is due to their immense sociability and friendliness towards humans, and their knack for location treasures (be it food or gold) and homes. As such, any who were lost could rely on a raven to guide them back to safety, and they are a sign of good fortune and divine protection. It is this form of the raven that is present as the national animal of Stolisia.

Conversely, Stolisians east of the Varris Mountains contend with the raw magic scourge, which comes packaged with a higher density of demons. Demons do not eat ravens, and instead use them as many humans do - as a guide to food and homes. As such, the bird has become an omen of ill fortune and danger, and to find one near your home is to find a demon close behind.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Iridescent ravens are a largely black bird with a sharp black beak. Its black feathers have a distinctive purple-pink glossiness and sheen, giving them their name. At the tips of their wings, and interspersed throughout, are solid markings of deep purple. It is one of the largest species of raven in Asavla, with the largest known raven being 90cm long and with a wingspan of 250cm.

Ecology and Habitats

Iridescent ravens are unique to Losiné, particularly in the warmer northern sectors and the heavily forested regions of Stolis Island, where it has the highest population. It is also one of the few species that seems to have been unaffected by the spread of Raw Magic in eastern Stolisia, which has allowed it to flourish where other animals were forced to leave.

Scientific Name
Corvus Illuster
20 years
Average Weight
Average Length
65-80cm body, 150-200cm wingspan


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