Fynwik is the largest city in Stolisia, and its major trading hub with fellow Losiné countries. It is also one of the few places in Stolisia with regular Divinitian contact, as Divinitian sailors travel with Nirvejani merchant ships from time to time. It is often considered the capital of North Stolisia.


Fynwik is incredibly diverse, and by far one of the most multicultural cities in Stolisia. Particularly prevalent are Nirvejani, Tsuli, and Divinitians, amongst the native Stolisians and Stolisi. Santonians are not unheard from either.


Fynwik participates in two different elections - The elections for the Stolisian Parliament (including the separate Presidential elections), and the election for Fynwik City Council. For Stolisian Parliament, Fynwik elects five members, to reflect its high population density. The Fynwik City Council comprises twenty members, elected from differing wards of the city. One ward is the Merchant Ward, whose representative is elected by the major trading companies who dock in the harbour. Both run taxes for different things, with Parliament running larger country things and City Council handling small repairs, rubbish collection, and some of the trade arrangements with visiting merchants.


The biggest industry is the export of Stolisian goods, prominently raw ore and refined minerals. This combines with a very common occupation in Fynwik, those of carvers and jewellers, purchasing small shipments to turn into art. These little trinkets are popular around the world for their craftsmanship, and are a large draw for tourism and export. It's also import heavy, receiving food and resources from more temperate regions.


Fynwik is located at the mouth of the River Fyn as it flows into the ocean from Lake Trules. It sits on the wide plains of west Stolisia, enjoying gentle rolling hills and lush forests. In particular, it remains untouched by the raw magic scourge that plagues east Stolisia, which has allowed it to flourish where other cities like it have not.
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