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Uostas (OO-oh-stahs)

Home to the Mage's Circle, the Adventurer's Guild, the lower province's nobility, a host of wealthy individuals of their own, and known best of all for the ability of the city itself to give those within the comfort and security most need to live fulfilling lives, this place is the most overall wealthy cities within the continent. This city has layers of magic wards, a castle built to house the most practical and perhaps paranoid of leaders, and a large number of people. Much work has gone into building housing able to contain more than the house itself would appear to hold in many buildings, and the shops here are very rarely not filled to the brim with all manner of items. The people here range from crazy but fun, to practical yet paranoid. The hosting of the Mage's Circle is perhaps the key to the protective aspect of the city, as the ambient wards around the city encase this beacon of protection in a bubble of layered magics that can weather an army. The palace itself is layered with further magics, and even protections of a more physical nature, such as cold iron-wrought fences, an extensive runic network engraved into its core protections, and so much more. This is a place of many wonders traveled from great distances to congregate here, making it one of the richest lands to visit and live within. While many of the Kvak nobility live just outside of the city walls, many and more live within for the benefits offered.
Coast / Shore
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