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Arvent Region

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Hugging the southwestern coast of an inland sea, the Arvent Region has long been home to people and Pokémon alike. The Arvent Sea, as it is called, features a number of islands throughout—most near the coast, and most small, but some far out into the water, and one or two quite large. The Sea itself is home to a number of water-borne Pokémon, and the surrounding area is largely forested, where humans haven't cleared the ground to build their cities and towns. But there are still pockets of other environmental niches—sandy dunes held together by scraggly plants, marshy swampland at the Sea's edge, and prairies where tall grasses sprout from wet soil.   The Arvent Region's urban heart is Freightwater City, born long ago of commerce where land met sea, and grown dramatically with the invention of the train. At its northernmost edge is the Ironwrit Forest, home to baffling ruins and old mysteries. And in the east is the tiny seaside town of Doldrum, recently home to a newly-minted Professor of Pokémon History, and where our story begins...  

Arvent isn't often seen as a place central to history. Certainly all the trade through Freightwater has been important to a lot of people's lives, but we don't really have anything big and flashy. No wars or famines. No kings or conquests. There are those stubborn old ruins up north, but most people have given up on those. But, well...   When you go out on your journey, you'll understand. It's in the sound of the rivers and brooks. It's in the sway of the branches, and smell of the forest. The memory of the land is long. Here especially.

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