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009 Nauticle

Nauticle's thick, armored plates made from materials gradually harvested and processed leading up to its evolution. In nature, much of these come from pollutants introduced into the ocean by human activity, but can draw from a wide variety of sources when Nauticle is raised in the care of a trainer.   When fully mature, Nauticle will attach itself to the bottom of a ship, accompanying it wherever its voyages may lead. By this point in its development, it is easily capable of surviving and even thriving in ocean environments. Indeed, while they will only breed in freshwater harbors, they can be seen in ports all across the world.
— Arvent Regional Pokédex #009

Basic Information


Nauticle is of the Water and Poison Types. It is weak to attacks of the Ground, Electric, and Psychic Types. It is resistant to attack of the Fighting, Poison, Bug, Steel, Fire, Water, Ice, and Fairy Types. It commonly possesses the ability Torrent, which raises the power of Water-Type moves in a pinch, but may on rare occasions possess the ability Battle Armor,which protects the Pokémon in question from critical hits.   Nauticle's physical and non-physical defenses are very impressive, and its physical offense are considerable. Its non-physical offenses and agility, however, leave much to be desired.   Though not immediately visible, the core of Nauticle's body has two parts: the head, which carries the brain and sensory organs, the telson, occasionally called the foot. Six limbs extend from the telson, and to which are affixed large, calcified plates which protect Nauticle from harm. While Nauticle in their natural habitat tend towards a sessile lifestyle, these limbs are capable of both propelling it through the water and allowing it to crawl on land.

Genetics and Reproduction

Nauticle in nature does not produce offspring outside of freshwater harbors, though it can be coaxed into doing so on the surface, or in large freshwater enclosures, under the care of a trusted trainer or breeder. Nauticle belongs to the Third-Water and Monster Egg Groups.

Growth Rate & Stages

Nauticle is the evolved form of 008 Cypritox, which in turn is the evolved form of 007 Nauplia. Neither Nauplia nor Cypritox require any special techniques in order to evolve; standard training will suffice.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Nauticle generally feeds by filtering small particles out of the water. However, they can also eat small, soft objects, like some fruits and pastries.
Conservation Status
Nauticle, as well as its pre-evolutions 007 Nauplia, and its evolved form 008 Cypritox, are considered critically endangered, as defined by the Transregional Convention on the Protection of Pokémon Species (TCPPS; the Convention). This was declared in a joint statement by the Pokémon League of the Arvent Region and the Transregional Pokémon Ranger Corps. The reason for their endangerment is attributed to paucity of habitat availability, both within the Arvent Region and. As per the Convention, Nauplia, Cypritox, and Nauticlee may not be caught in the wild, and those bred in captivity may only enter the care of a trainer with the approval of an accredited Pokémon Professor. The needs of the species mandate that extensive human use of available habitats, however the manner and conduct of exploitation is subject to strict monitoring and regulation by the Arvent Region Pokémon Ranger Corps.
Average Height
112 - 123 cm (44.09 - 48.43 in.)
Average Weight
43 - 52 kg (94.80 - 114.64 lbs.)
Average Length
182 - 206 cm (71.65 - 81.10 in.)

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