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008 Cypritox

Cypritox harvests pollutants using filters inside its long spines, and processes them to adapt to adapt to changing conditions in ways that its previous form, 007 Nauplia, cannot. Its frontal spines are also used to the grab and pull in good while in the water. While these spines are pointed, and can be used offensively, Cypritox generally prefers to ward off attackers over aggressive action.   Cypritox's hide possesses sub-surface pockets containing thick ooze, a mixture of harvested pollutants and water. If the surface breaks, it seeps out and rapidly solidifies, even under the water, forming a hard protective layer.
— Arvent Regional Pokédex #008

Basic Information


Cypritox is of the Water and Poison Types. It is weak to attacks of the Ground, Electric, and Psychic Types. It is resistant to attack of the Fighting, Poison, Bug, Steel, Fire, Water, Ice, and Fairy Types. It commonly possesses the ability Torrent, which raises the power of Water-Type moves in a pinch, but may on rare occasions possess the ability Battle Armor, which protects the Pokémon in question from critical hits.   Cypritox has considerable defenses of both the physical and non-physical varieties. Its phjysical offense is not something to be dismissed entirely, but its non-physical offenses and speed are far from impressive.   Cypritox's body is divided into two sections, the head and the telson, the latter of which is occasionally called the foot; of the two, the head is the larger by far. The front of its head is adorned with a shield-like crest, with small holes for it to see through. A number of long spines extend from underneath the crest, their bases positioned around Cypritox's mouth. It has six limbs generally called legs, which end in a number of additional spines.   The internal structures of these spines allow Cypritox to harvest pollutants from the surrounding environment, which it processes to form a thick sludge it stores in packets within its hide.

Genetics and Reproduction

Being the intermediate stage of an evolutionary line, Cypritox does not have a particularly strong instinctual drive to procreate under most circumstances, but is nevertheless capable. Cypritox belongs to the Third-Water and Monster Egg Groups.

Growth Rate & Stages

Cypritox is the evolved form of 007 Nauplia, and evolves into 009 Nauticle. Neither Nauplia nor Cypritox require any special techniques in order to evolve; standard training will suffice.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Cypritox generally feeds by filtering small particles out of the water. However, they can also eat small, soft objects, like some fruits and pastries.
Conservation Status
Cypritox, as well as its pre-evolution 007 Nauplia, and its evolved form 009 Nauticle, are considered critically endangered, as defined by the Transregional Convention on the Protection of Pokémon Species (TCPPS; the Convention). This was declared in a joint statement by the Pokémon League of the Arvent Region and the Transregional Pokémon Ranger Corps. The reason for their endangerment is attributed to paucity of habitat availability, both within the Arvent Region and. As per the Convention, Nauplia, Cypritox, and Nauticlee may not be caught in the wild, and those bred in captivity may only enter the care of a trainer with the approval of an accredited Pokémon Professor. The needs of the species mandate that extensive human use of available habitats, however the manner and conduct of exploitation is subject to strict monitoring and regulation by the Arvent Region Pokémon Ranger Corps.
Average Height
90 - 115 cm (35.43 - 45.28 in.)
Average Weight
22 - 27 kg (48.50 - 59.52 lbs.)
Average Length
52 - 57 cm (20.47 - 27.38 in.)

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