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Tilliam "Til" U'vera, the Bard of New Corinth


Til is a human that was born in 75 C.E. at the small farming village of Valley Hall in southern New Corinth. His early life consisted of farming and being taught by his parents. Til had great interest in learning how to play the crwth. Despite his family not having the natural music talent that most New Corinthians have, Til spent much of his free time to practice the instrument. By the age of eleven, Til was the best musician in Valley Hall and even rivaled the traveling bards that came into town. Til would lead the music of holidays and events for many years. At the age of fifteen, Til started to worship Tomoe and Kiy as his main deities. On his twenty-second birthday, Til married his wife, Jenifyr. Jenifyr is an Aasimar that Til grew up with.


Only three years after Til was married, disaster struck. A plague spread throughout New Corinth and Jenifyr was struck by the disease. Til, overcome with despair, played his crwth as skillfully as he could for his dying wife. Til noticed that Jenifyr's fever started to drop and her coughing became less rough. With this development, Til prayed to Kiy to learn the song needed to cure the disease. Kiy answered Til immediately, as if waiting for the prayer. Til played the song for hours on end, but Jenifyr's condition did not get better. Til ran out to the streets playing his song to all who could hear. As Til ran through the streets, people were healed left and right. Til asked the people of his village to look after his wife as he rode across New Corinth. Travelers looking for a cure followed Til after being released from their diseased condition by his music. Villages and towns saved from the plague gave Til food and provisions so he could keep riding to save their countrymen. As Til rode all over New Corinth, he prayed to Tomoe for knowledge of whether or not his wife would live. Til did not get an answer. Til finished his ride throughout New Corinth at the capital. There he gave one last plea to Tomoe, which is recorded in the Great Library. Tomoe answered Til by giving Til what is now known as the Song of Tomoe. Using this song, Til found Jenifyr's future. Til rode back to his wife's side as fast as he possibly could. As he got there, his friends told him that Jenifyr was dead. Til calmly walked into his house and sat at the foot of the bed his wife was in. He played a lullaby known by many people of Arunia as The Good Ghoul. As soon as the song finished, Jenifyr awoke as if asleep. However she was now a Ghoulkin. Til shooed everyone out of his house and was not seen for two weeks. Til claims that he and his wife were mourning for her lost life.

Recent Activities

Til has been given the title of Bard of New Corinth. He represents the entire country musically. Til also is given the role as an advisor due to his ability to glimpse the future with his music. Til often plays songs and teaches children within New Corinth. Til has been very tight lipped about the future as of current year. Til is also a judge in every Annual Battle of the Bands in Shaak.

Music and Stories

Til plays many New Corinth classics including Aurora's Dance, Hooves and Cobble, and Beautiful Flakes. Additionally, Til plays his own songs including: Ride of a Hero, Quaint Little Town, and Calming Nature. Sometimes, Til tells stories in the form of song. The stories he likes to weave are that of lessons to children. Til also tells stories of rags to riches.


Til stands at about five feet and seven inches in height. Til has a lithe build like most New Corinthians. His hair is blonde and is down to his shoulders. Til's skin is fair and his eyes are grey-blue. Til tends to wear common wool clothes, despite his status, and the colorful cloak of a gleeman. Til also has a silver medallion that hangs around his neck.
Neutral Good
  Biological Sex

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28 Jan, 2022 15:23

Nice read and interesting story. I wonder however how many of new Corinth are musical inclinded? You make it seem like almost everyone there plays music? :p

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30 Jan, 2022 21:13

Im glad he was able to help people and somehow "save" his wife with his passion, music. I liked it :D

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3 Feb, 2022 12:14

I like the story and, in particular, the legend surrounding the bard. It makes for a source of a vivid picture, almost like a painting. :)   What I missed, though, was additional information about the lore, e.g., the deity Tomoe, the instrument crwth, as they would make it easier to immerse in the story.   Construction-wise, I would put the Description in the sidebar to fill the blank space.   But overall, a pleasant story. :)

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12 Feb, 2022 17:01

I agree with this comment, the story is very nice, but it would benefit either from links to other articles, or tooltips that explain some inworld consepts better! I'd love to know what a crwth is, and how to pronounce it :D

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
19 Feb, 2022 10:06

Nice article, I love how he travelled the whole country to play his music and save people :D And that he still somehow managed to saved his wife and get recognition for his deeds.

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