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Captain Blackwater

The Necromantic Brigand

Physical Description

Captain Blackwater, or The Necromantic Brigand, stands at about five feet eleven inches tall. He looks to be about forty years old, but is actually near sixty-four. Blackwater has long black hair and no facial hair. The entirety of the bottom of his face is scarred and covered by a Soraxian oni mask. Blackwater wears a typical Karaxian captain hat and has strung multiple teeth along it. The captain wears a fancy crimson and silver cloak and all black silk clothes underneath. The weapons of Blackwater are shone plainly to all. Blackwater's left arm is always uncovered and has completely pale skin.


Blackwater is relentless and cruel to adversaries and targets, but treats those who prove themselves capable and good fighters with respect and honor.
Blackwater is motivated by a curse that he brought upon himself, as well as wealth. The curse is that his left arm is just skin and a core of necromancy. It acts as a lich's phylactery for his undead arm and must be given souls regularly, but at lower demand as a lich. If the demand is not met, Blackwater will be turned into a mindless undead.
Blackwater has a few personality flaws: he is addicted to opioids, he has no honor to those who have not proven themselves, and he has a great fear of daemons and Æriaites.

Notable Equipment

  • A flintlock pistol. Rare and expensive weapon from the illegal dealers of Intelakk.
  • A Bloodweaver's Sabre. Magical weapon used by experienced blood channelers.
  • An Eyepatch of Accuracy. Magical item that makes ranged weapons easier to hit with.

Notable Abilities

  • Blood channeler. Blackwater is fairly experienced in blood magic.
  • Criminal Leader. Blackwater has led a significant amount of ne'er do wells for a while.
  • Sailor. Blackwater has sailed his entire life of sixty-three years.
  • Warrior. Blackwater has studdied the way of the blade.
  • Magical Augmenter. Blackwater has augmented his body with powerful necromantic magic.
Neutral Evil
Biological Sex


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