Tezcacoatl, a metropolis with districts dedicated to various World Dragons - a common practice in Xocotl cities.   Records lead a traveler to believe a particular temple within Arula's district might have the power he seeks. Clerics from that temple are commonly hired as researchers, detectives, historians, and other tasks where the gathering of knowledge is vital to success. your eyes adjust to your new surroundings.   You're in a recessed circular alcove looking out upon a street. Dozens of people move across your line of sight along the street. Two well-armored individuals stand before you, just beyond the entrance to the alcove.   You can't see their faces behind the helmets. One addresses you in a masculine voice in crisp, clear Common,   "Welcome to Tezcacoatl. Your business in the city?"   The other person gestures to a book resting on a podium outside the alcove. The first speaks again, "Please exit the arrival chamber. Sign in, and be on your way."


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