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  • Map of Amhadom

    Continuing south, the rainforests gradually recede from the coastline, with the landscape shifting to wide, sweeping savanna. Sandy barrier islands drift past between you and the mainland. After another two days, you eventually catch sight of scattered sails on the horizon. There, you find a wide river channel that cuts through the barrier islands, with ships coming and going.   Winding your way carefully upriver, farmland gives way to buildings along the riverside. A mile up the river it widens into a broad lake surrounded by tall buildings. Myriad plumes of steam and smoke rise from chimneys, and a low, dull, rumble permeates the air. Hundreds of waterwheels slowly grind away along the shoreline, where water rises up around the wheels before falling again.   No ship comes out to greet you here, unlike in Lihau. This city appears to have dockyards ringing the lake, with many open piers. You pick one that's available and drop anchor.

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