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Upside-down luck


This is a rare condition because not many decide to "test their luck" as much as others do. Be it in gambling, challenging friends, participating in a TV show and going for the win at all costs: the key moment is seeking to win "at all costs" and that meaning the use of magic.

The condition is caused by prolonged use of magic for one's personal gain especially if the person lies and tries to hide that they do use magic in order to win.


The first symptoms can usually still be hidden giving the chance to the "victim"  to stop what they are doing, admit it and accept defeat. They can be parts of the skin being covered in four-leaf clovers, patches of carp scales or red spots - or anything else that can grow on the skin one way or another.

Should the affected not get the clue and continues on with the abuse of magic the symptoms escalate to a point where the previous skin-covering element starts covering more of the body and the body elements begin changing: elephant ears, tortoiseshell cat tail, rabbit feet, swallow, pig or fish elements - or other animals' body parts would start changing and swapping the body parts of the affected. Once that stage is ongoing there is a window of 13 days where the person can still stop, give up and admit what they've been doing. After that - it becomes irreversible.

The last stage gives horseshoes, white heather instead of hair and other non-moving elements as additions and decorations on the very top of the previously transformed abomination. At this point the victim cannot be saved and all the luck that they have gotten to this point turns into bad luck: a huge public embarrassment, loss and having to pay all the wins from the gambling, being banned from ever participating in challenges or even - losing their friends if they were around and organizing the challenges/games/etc.


If one gets all the way to the last stage and in the end manages to get a partner and make kids - those kids can be affected too. Which - at the very least - would make them the reason for laughter and jokes when they get to go to school.


Not overdoing the abuse of magic for oneself. A little something here & there - yes, it's fine. But not all day, every day and hiding it from others.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital
Extremely Rare

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