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Space Hangover

Transmission & Vectors

One can get the Space Hangover if they happen upon a portal leading to one of 15 "restricted access" planets without wearing protective clothing. 

Exposure to the atmosphere of those planets affects the human organism in a very specific way that can only be classified as the Hangover if the affected has returned to their home-world in a certain time frame. Should that time frame be exceeded and one symptom happens in a different variation - then the condition is completely different and potentially fatal.


The symptoms happen in the span of a week after the individual returns from their accidental trip. 

First of all there is a highly increased paranoia in the individual - they'd feel like everyone around them - including family and friends - are constantly whispering about' em and planning how to send them to laboratories to have them examined and experimented on. That nagging idea soon gets completely replaced by frequent and quite violent diarrhea that lasts for the entirety of the week and has the quite unusual colors of a rainbow and the smell of sugar and vanilla. 
On the third day the individual would wake up and realize their vision has degraded drastically overnight leaving them with the ability to see everything as if it's night - even in bright sunshine. It's important for this stage that the person has someone to guide them around or at least to not leave the realms of familiar surrounding as to not accidentally hurt themselves.
With the darkness continuing to be a problem next thing that happens is the onset of tingling all over the arms and legs - first from the fingertips and toes and spreading all over them in matter of hours. Along with that tingling the affected will find that no matter how hard they try they cannot bend their fingers to try and scratch the tingling areas - there is a certain level of numbness and limitation in their movement.
On the sixth day of the week the vision starts to get restored, the diarrhea slows down and the tingling can be felt less and the numbness disappears. With that however on the back of the affected, accompanied by the feeling of tightness and pulling of the skin, whiteish bark-like growths start forming and to the next day's noon they cover the entire length of the spine forcing a change of the posture of the individual.  


For the regular symptoms of the Hangover there is some variety of possible treatments that can ease them. Here's a few:

  • Cabbage juice (like kraut juice but one where the cabbage is not minced) - a big cold mug of it in the mornings can seriously ease the need to go to the bathroom for the days the rainbows begin flowing. It makes the need to go slow down and actually allows one to sleep.
  • A smoothie of plain sour yogurt, bananas  and some honey can also help the symptoms if consumed once every day. 
  • In order to stop the finger numbness and the inability to close the fingers together in the early moments of that symptom appearing one can dip their hands in a bucket of hot water with some sea salt, powdered sugar and marshmallows. It has helped in 9/10 cases of affected who had tried it.


After the week is over the bark growths from the back will fall off and all symptoms will disappear shortly. It's  quite possible whoever has experienced a Space Hangover to start avoiding sugary and vanilla-including foods as well as develop some dislike for rainbows, white trees and start fearing the dark of night.
Chemical Compound


the rainbow diarrhea smell like cinnamon and mint the attention of a medical professional is to be sought after immediately. It means there is an organ in the body that for some reason took in more of the chemical compounds found in the restricted planet's atmosphere and has started to freeze and - or - liquify.

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