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Samantha Merirene Scepter

Samantha Merirene Scepter (a.k.a. Sam, Sammy, The Mermaid Princess)

Samantha Scepter is one of the three main heroes who stopped evil queen Tamara from completely destroying the world of Forice - the other two being Talissa Khalistelle Ring and Valora Parker Krown.
She was the one who discovered the mysterious medallion that shows up once a war arises in Forice and she brought it to Valora as she knew her friend likes collecting antiques and the medallion looked pretty old. Upon touching it the Princess felt the warning call of the danger [and so did her mother, which is why she visited her daughter the same night] and sent Sam, Talissa and another one of their friends to go home telling them she will call if she needs them.

She persuaded Valora's mother that herself and Talissa are perfectly capable of dealing with the conditions and requirements of a battlefield situation and the three, joined by Valora's youngest brother, went in Forice to join the action.

After long travelling, fighting and heartbreaks they engaged in the biggest battle this world had seen up to that moment. Which is where Samantha was killed.

She met her friends one last time on the victory celebration dinner when the Goddess of Nature came along the Winter Dragons that were hiding so that Tamara doesn't get them. Samantha's soul came along with her so they had the chance to say their goodbyes and Valora took it on herself to bring her body back to her family. Ever since the Princess hasn't visited Forice and didn't use the chance to see that a small memorial was created in the capital city's water garden.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Morana's crest. It is used for putting on graves and marking deities of Death as such. Samantha now has this symbol right under her neck, on her back.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Nicely fit, nicely rounded, elegant and gentle.

Special abilities

As a human-born mermaid Samantha had to train to gain her abilities but because her great-grandmother was a mermaid it was easy for her to access them. After just a week in U.M.A. she was able to manipulate water, speak to different species of fishes, clams, underwater dragons and mammals and make the perfect seaweed baskets. 
Her specialty was creating balls of light underwater and spreading them in huge chains around reefs during nighttime events.

Apparel & Accessories

She likes wearing soft, airy and flowing clothing in summer - like big and bright skirts, simple geometric dresses, puffy-sleeved shirts and sleeve-less vests and shirts, occasionally you'll find her in shorts but that's a rarity;

She also enjoys oversized sweaters in colder weather, knit hats with big pom-poms and infinity scarves.

Her style can be described as minimalistic boho chic with emphasis on practical use.

Specialized Equipment

  • Because she was studying in UMA Trismegist to be a reaper she would carry a small horn on her belt. 
  • When she joined Valora Parker Krown in the Golden Dragon war she got and brought with her a trident-like scepter and small dagger she could fit on her belt. 

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Samantha was born by a single mother who was left by the father as soon as he realised she was a mermaid [and after they had already made the baby that was to become Sam].
The mother had to deliver by herself in the closest hospital being helped only by her two older daughters - Erika and Anriette. When she had to stay there for nearly a month she got to know better the nurse who helped during Samantha's delivery - a Roxanne - and later they became romantic and married after three months of dating and bonding around baby Sam.

Between ages 7 and 10 Sam started asking about going to school for mermaids as she was already experiencing the transformations and the other children in the kindergarten would not stop talking about how excited they are for school.

Instead of sending her to the "Melody Day" universal school which was the most popular choice at the time, her mothers sent her to the Underwater Magic Academy "Trismegist" where mermaids of any origin would study together both regular boring subjects such as math, geography and languages and more merfolk - oriented ones such as water manipulation, underwater languages and mermaid history. That's where she later on met Kyper whom the family adopted as he was banished from his home.

Kyper lived with Samantha for 14 years before she took off with Valora and never returned. Upon learning what happened to her he ran away - he went to his hideout in the school where he was later found by the headmistress crying. The two talked and it was him at that moment who suggested that Samantha should be officially proclaimed a hero to mermaids as by doing what she did she essentially prevented a huge evil crossing over and reaching "its evil tentacles" to them in Terra. After discussing this with the royal family, the mayor and the Council Sam was noted as someone to appear in future history textbooks and a huge statue was created in the mermaid graveyard to celebrate her short but full of light and love life.

Personality Characteristics


Samantha knows that among merfolk her great-grandmother was a Queen. She can't be a ruling queen because that's not how the order works. However she still is considered a princess of a royal family and has been taught the manners, proper etiquette for her position and how to communicate with others of a royal level.
Unlike Talissa Sam has had no fatherly figure around to teach her physical strength. What makes her move and act are the protective motherly instincts her two mothers have taught her, her sense of loyalty and her bright and loving nature that will never leave one in need. No matter if they verbally ask for it or not.
Divine Classification
She is currently training to become a deity of Death
Date of Birth
17 March 1992
Year of Death
Circumstances of Death
In battle
Current Residence
Morana's domain; her body was brought back to Terra where she was buried in the mermaid ways.
bright aqua blue with hints of green
long, blonde and wavy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1, 65m


"If you'll excuse me, Your Majesty, I disagree. Talissa and I both realize very well all the dangers of going in your world and engaging in an on-going war. And with that realization in mind we have talked and agreed on one thing. Valora is not going there without us. "
Samantha to the - then Princess - mother of Valora when told they cannot go with her.

"That's crabsickle!"
When describing something hard and annoying

"What are you - a jumping-jack-of-a-jellyfish? - It's an U.M.A. inside joke
Sam uses it to calm down a hyper-excited person.

arts by me - using HeroForge, ArtBreeder and my beloved FireAlpaca

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