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RDS Police Station

Police Stations in Rockdoors have functions that combine all that has to do with criminals - there is main floors for policemen dispatch, a court room and jail section on the underground floors. 
When there are more serious or repeat offenders of the law they will be held in the temporary cells until at least ten have gathered and then they will be moved to the main jail where they serve their actual sentence.


The building of every police station is pretty much the same: it has two floors above ground and three to five underground ones where the jail cells for "lighter" criminals are.

Visually the architectural style combines Industrial with Art Deco: the buildings features exposed brick and piping with large open floor plans inside and metal-grid windows on the sides of the building. The windows facing the street - or the public in general - have decorative glass and flat roofs with the same geometrical design on it when looked from a flying vehicle's POV. The accents - such as the door frame/windows' frames and main colors of the furniture inside - are with bright colors complimenting the color of the raw brick - such as oranges and mint green.
One thing that is very specific to any Rockdoors police station is the "Delivery Chute". This is usually on the back of the building, on a certain height above ground where the patrolling Silver Pack would drop any possible cirme-doing individual during the night or when the station is not working. On the inside said individual will land in a massive holding cell with mattress-covered floor and a few pillows and a built-in bathroom with no windows. Usually the chief of police for the station will leave a 2l bottle of water and some kind of snack in a corner of this cell before leaving for the night.
Alternative Names
tempjail; mini-jail
Police/Fire station

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