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Noxbridge (noksbrij)


Noxbridge is run by its own mayor who gets the smaller representers of the neighbourhoods to report unto him. This is different than other parts of the big town of Rockdoors and its Districts  but it is organized so in order to have more control over what's happening in the city.


There are policemen actively and freely roaming the entire town - there are four RDS Police Stations on the four corners of the town and the policemen in them are engaged to keeping all the different laws strictly followed and all the fighting in the fighting clubs.


Noxbridge has two main roads that intertwine in the city, it has open-air furnaces /meaning a big "stand" that resembles a free-standing pillar with a fireplace that lights up magically during the night and is actually an enormous umbrella -like construction that can close off a certain space./ and it also has a on & off moat all around the town that can a) guard off any land - moving possible attackers and b) - which is the case most of the time - be used as sewer & rainwater drainage.


The town is famous for its numerous assets aimed towards pleasing the not-so-serious needs of anyone who might have them. 
  • There are over 20 casinos with different themes, decoration inside and rules for one to play in. 
  • There are four fight clubs for mixed martial arts - where they can both be learned but also - evenings will have them opening their arenas as rentable for fights.
  • There is a school for sexual companions - which is exactly what it sounds like - a place where girls are thoroughly taught sexual education, all possible std preventions, how to deal with drunk clients or ones who get too far /aka they do learn basic self-defense level of at least one martial art/, they learn all of the Kama Sutra along with how sexual positions have evolved through time and what the latest modern trends are. When they are done studying in that school they can move to one of the school-owned apartment complexes around the entirety of Rockdoors and they can work a main job having "Sexual companion" as a supporting second thing completely officially and legally. 
  • There are 17 "Paradise" Motels - which are branded and look exactly the same way in order to be easily recognised - they are motels where it is known that drinks in the bar have drugs put in them and the rooms are specially designed to accept people and beings of all kinds who have turned themselves into kites. 
  • And there are many smaller establishments that are intended and specially built to adapt to pleasure-seekers from all over Rockdoors and even to some tourists who come from outside of town.


Noxbridge is a town everyone knows about and because it provides safe space for the forementioned forms of entertainment citizens would prefer to go there to indulge in them. Everything in the city is legal and everything in the city gets taxed - all the casinos, fight clubs, etc. 

Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
fun town

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