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Ghost Rider

The concept of one paying another to procure a title or rank is completely alien and unheard anywhere on Terra and Forice. Each and every title given - be it for a silly reason or a serious thing one is to be respected for - is earned with effort and heart. 
The title of "Ghost Rider" is a title given to a broombike rally racer who goes through the seven ghost towns of Rockdoors and brings back an item that can clearly state where it comes from - like  a postcard with the town's name or old newspaper or magazine or - it is a possible option - take a photo next to a sightseeing of the town that is widely known and write the name of the town and date of being there on the photo.


While this is an unofficial title it can be won more than once even though this hasn't happened still. The current only known Ghost Rider is Garett Raven Rain who participated in  the 21st  broombike rally and placed 43rd out of 50 teams. Garett unknowingly - with his ambition to go for "loop them from the top and then jump to the finish" strategy - actually made his team follow him through the seven well known but not talked about all the time ghost towns in the mountain. And while they were passing through those towns it was Garett who would make a small break for rest and go to one of the abandoned mini-markets and get a postcard or newspaper from that town. 
This way he could prove at the finish line he did go through all those towns - it was more like - he bragged about his new treasures to his brothers in a loud tone which made the judges take a look at his items and after consulting with Her Highness announced him in front of the entire crowd gathered as "Official Ghost Rider".

Hugely helped by SummerCamp prompt generators! Thanks, Heffé!


The one winning the title of Ghost Rider doesn't really have duties however he is given the suggestion to share his proofs in a social media post or on the official Broombike Rally website.
Magical, Honorific
Form of Address

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21 Jul, 2021 18:47

ooh, so it's kinda like a marker of where you've been? Very cool :)

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
Journeyman vivimorena
Vivianne Morena
21 Jul, 2021 19:11

ye! And it's not a placing award - so even if you're last you can get it.

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23 Aug, 2021 14:37

This is a fun title. I like that there aren't any official duties, but it's kind of prestige thing.