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This condition can appear seemingly out of nowhere however the specialists in magical medicine have realised it shows up at a specific time of the year whenever it does. It's always there around the migratory period of the Blue Skullwreckers. They are a type of magical flying lizard that can phase through walls of buildings and feeds on sleeping peoples' dreams and energy collected during the day through food.

When the Skullwreckers feed on someone the chosen victim gets Bluebit for a couple of days until the lizards move on from their home.


As the Skullwreckers have specific likings towards bitter and fat-rich foods one of the main signs that one has attached to a person is the sudden onset of cravings for this kinds of foods: walnuts, liver, some types of fish and even chocolate - the darker the better - are to be found near a person having these need-a-snack attacks.

Because the way the lizards feed is through one's nose, during the day the person can get into a lot of sneezing accompanied by the feeling of something tickling the tongue. 

The sensation of tingling would spread all over the body in the span of 2-3 days and in the end the person being used as food has their tongue turn a  vibrant shade of blue.

It has been proven that eating milk-based products increase the severity of the rest of the symptoms hence anyone targeted by a Skullwrecker is advised  to stay away from them.


Unnecessary - It's more annoying than harmful and as soon as the creatures move on it disappears.

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