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Blood cocktails

Vampires of Rockdoors [and Terra in general] don't have to hide. They do - however - need to follow species-specific laws and rules and one of them states: 
"Blood should be consumed only when it is purchased from the locations that offer it as product for sale. Should a being of vampiric or other blood-consuming kind be caught drinking blood from someone attacked on the streets - be it human, other being or animal - they are to be warned on first accident but if they don't seize this behaviour - arrested, trialed and sentenced to up to seven years in jail"
That said - drinking only one kind of blood over and over again can be from boring to annoying hence blood cocktails were created. 
There are 3 main kinds of cocktails:
  1. Pure human blood + alcohol: /not to be confused with "pures" - those mean just plain blood/ - in menus they would go with a human name + color. For example: Blue Michelle is a name for a blood type B cocktail, mixed with vodka or rum and extra sugar.
  2. "Spiced" human - non-alcoholic: they are human blood only mixed with what's considered spices but not with alcohol.
  3. "light" or "vegan" or "slims" - those are made with just animal blood and spices and alcohol //or just with spices/alcohol//

Spices can be:
  • exotic fruits - juiced or sliced;
  • different herbs or food-spices /for example cumin, coriander and a ground red hot pepper in type A- blood do make a classic "Hellhound"/
  • blood from small mammals, fish or birds

Another type of blood cocktails are the "Energy bombs": human or animal blood [from a young creature - in their teen-ages], mixed with coffee and finely ground dark chocolate, boiled and served in a 50mg mini-mug and then consumed while still steaming. One of those can wake a bear mid-winter and have it stay awake 24/7 for 6 months. Very few are the brave vampires to have them regularly.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The mugs/glasses/bottles they are sold in are enchanted /sometimes on the spot/ with a anti-staining spell;

The blood comes from either living healthy volunteers or from people and beings who passed away but agreed their blood to be used in this manner [usually they are presented with a small list - the same one that lets them be an organ donor should they want to - and they mark it or have someone else mark for them if they're unable to.] and from animals that are living & healthy or died and the one who cares for them /or who's found them - if wild/ wants to have them used for blood/turned to food.


The blood is mixed with other kinds of blood, spices, ingredients, chilled or diluted, but always and before anything else - mixed with 1-2 crushed magic crystals that keep it from coagulating.

Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
They are sold in special shops but also in almost every bar so they aren't rare. Vampires in town know perfectly well where to go get them.
Base Price
the prices vary depending on serving size and complexity. the cheapest are pures or lights - 3Le; most expensive is 75Le for a 500ml big mug

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