The werewolf debacle

I suppose I have to hire some muscle or something...
  This skirmish between a group of True werewolves, the employees at Temple of the Were, a group of visiting Lycanthropists, the The Guardsmen and two SN Swat teams happened in 291, a year ago, and the public knows nothing about it.  


Kio, a true-but-made werewolf, had fled the The Supernatural Society and was hiding out and working in the Temple as an employee of the company Werewolf in a bottle. A company that is frowned upon by the true werewolf society. These youngsters were also part of a group of radical true werewolves group who believed that Lycanthropists are the scourge and what is wrong with the commoner society.   Kio had been living in the temple for several years until a group of young true werewolves noticed him. An older werewolf had been talking with them about runaways and he had been mentioned and a photo had been shown. Kio was followed to the Temple where ran into some of the Lycanthropists.  


The already agitated true werewolves were even more upset that another true werewolf would sink so low. They attacked the Lycanthropists who fought back. Kio and Garth another employee and a vampire came out to see what the ruckus was about and tried to stop the fight but both sides attacked them instead. The Lycantrophists were enraged and couldn't control themselves. This battle became four-sided when The Guardsmen appeared to the scene. As a commoner police organization, they didn't know what was going on. They tried to stop everybody.  


Kio & Garth
7 True werewolf youngsters
9 Lycantrophists
5 Guardsmen
12 SN Swat team members  


The skirmish finished when two SN Swat teams arrived and suppressed everybody. Two Lycantrohpists died and all people in the skirmish became wounded. The Lycantrophists and the Guardsmen being commoners were captured and sworn to silence. Kio had to register his address and Garth had to pay a fine. Garth being pretty high up in the Vampire society softened both his and Kio's responsibility.  

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