Once they were the fiercest apex predators on the planet. Now they are cuddly pets.
— A farmer
  The wolves are a group of newly domesticated small to medium-sized omnivores. The majority of the population used to live on the eastern part of the continent before the Meteorite Fall there wiped out most of the species.   The wolves that roamed the forests of the western part of the continent was taken in by the Outposts and trained to hunt together with humans. Since the wolves was one of the few species that appeared immune to the Darkness. They are still kept as hunting animals in the Outposts but they have now also spread as pets to the flying country of Ilo.  


The wolves walk on four legs and have a long tail. The males are around 50-100 cm tall at their shoulders and 80cm to 150cm from nose to the tip of their tail while the females are around 30-80 cm tall at their shoulders and 6cm to 130cm from nose to the tip of their tail.   The weight of a wolf can vary, the wolves on the eastern side were generally larger than the ones living on the eastern side. The average weight is between 20-40kg for the males and 10-30kg for the females.   They have a muzzle with around 40 teeth, 4 of them being canines that they use to grab, wound, and kill their prey. Triangular ears sit atop their heads that they use to determine the source of the sound by moving their ears from side to side. Their hearing is very good as well as their eyesight. Their sense of smell is 100 times better than that of humans.   The wolves have two layers of fur, the shorter and softer fur is for keeping them warm and longer more coarse fur layer keeps them dry.  

Habitats & Dietary Needs

wolves primarily live and hunt in small packs of 3-8 animals. They keep on the move daily and don't keep specific habitats. The wild wolves only eat meat and as they hunt in packs they can take down large animals. Sometimes they also hunt other predators.  

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