What's this? Is this drugs?!
— A teacher finding a baggie of powder in a students desk
  Ark is a chemical element and it is a metal that is very common on the planet's crust and in the planet's core, it's even more abundant than iron.   Like iron, ark can also be found in the human body. An adult human body contains around 2 grams naturally. However, supernatural people, specifically the wizards and witches eat ark to use it more effectively.  


Ark used to be mined from ores all over the world. Currently, it is only being mined close to the Outposts which then trade Ark with the flying country of Ilo as around 11% of the people living there are supernatural. The common people are not aware of this though. The Outposters get meat, Honey , and other things that are hard to produce for the people living on the surface of the planet with Darkness still looming there.  


Pure Ark powder is produced in laboratories on the flying country of Ilo and is commonly used among the Supernatural society as a magical resource in clothes and other materials. A couple of Supernatural scientists wonder if maybe Darkness originates from this material. The Common populace believes that this is a material that makes items more durable. There is a belief spreading on social media that Ark will make your skin silkily smooth if you dissolve it in Honey and milk and apply it to your skin. It's hard to say how widespread this practice actually is.  


Ark is used in many alloys. Ark steel, Ark gold, and Ark silver just to mention a couple of the most common ones. Ark is also used in cement, fabric, color, and sometimes food. It makes materials more sturdy. Even if the magic in Ark is consumed the material that Ark has been mixed in with still stays solid and more durable than in if it hadn't been mixed with Ark. Those who mix it with food enjoy its unique taste and smell.  


While making metal alloys, slag is always a byproduct. It is when making Ark alloys as well. Slag from an Ark alloy are used to make jewelry because it's sparkling and prismatic.  

Health and environment

There have been some scientific proof that Ark causes mutation in humans but it happens so rarely that governments don't care about it.  

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