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“Disregard that last remark. The Terran representative will show restraint in this chamber. The Kai'Tala have earned their place in Erodel, and in this chamber. You will show them respect.”
— Suraya Veris, Empress of Erodel


Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Kai'Tala reproduce sexually and have a typical gestation period of a 9 months. But it can be longer or shorter depending on the subspecies

Growth Rate & Stages

Kai'Tala grow at a regular pace until age of 20 - 25. At this point the aging process increases drastically.

Dietary Needs and Habits


Additional Information

Social Structure


Many different tribes make up the Kai Tala as a species. All of them spread out to different corners of their territory. But there are the three largest primary tribes: The Forest tribe, the River tribe, and Plains tribe. Each tribe is lead by chief (chieftess), who is chosen by a vote from village elders.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Kai'Tala have highly specialized hearing,sight, and smell. This can be even greater if enhanced by Ether

Civilization and Culture

Gender Ideals

Females rely on males to survive. Males provide the food, shelter, and protection. Women are the spiritual leaders of their people, and one of the central parts of their moral beliefs.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship happens early in their adolescent years. In normal cases mates are choosen by the parties involved. But there are times where things are arranged at a young age or from birth

Relationship Ideals

Once a female is of age to mate. She chooses her mate from the warriors and hunters in her tribe. If she is desired by more than one male. If she can not choose who becomes her mate, the two must fight until one either yields or is slain.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Great Hunt


Alot of the Kai'tala's history is undocumented. Most of it comes from stories passed down from generation to generation. According to these stories, the Kai'Tala were the or their race to be born to Artera. They were the first children of the planet after the Ether, and the responsibility of watching over the planet was given to the Artheros. But at this time the Artheros were scattered and warring against each other. The Kai'talas creed to watch over Artera lead them to broker peace between the races. The Kai'Tala were the first to unite with the Taka Hibari to form the first Alliance. Since then they have conceded primary control of Erodel to the Taka Hibari. Not wanting the burden of leadership. Because of this the Kai'Tala control a sizable amount of Erodellian territory and hold a respected seat in the capitol.   To this day the Kai'Tala do what they must to maintain the harmony on Artera. Fighting along side the Artheros against what ever threats come their way

Common Myths and Legends

Artera & Ether

The Kai Tala hold the actual planet of Artera as a gift to its inhabitants and must be honored and protected, not exploited. They choose to live in harmony with the wildlife and flora. This extend to giving respect and honor to all things that live and breathe. This includes the other living people on Artera even their enemies.

The Kai Tala view the Ether as a blessing from Artera itself. Pure Ether is its blood that has given them life from nothing. Pools of Pure Ether are held as sacred ground where they go to commune with the planet and ask its wisdom. Red Ether cleanses their bodies of negativity and rage. Emotions that cloud their minds and judgment. Dark Ether is a sign of Artera’s disapproval, those corrupted are banished or promptly disposed of as quickly as possible.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
50 Yrs (350)
Average Height
1.2 - 2 meters
Average Weight
45 - 113Kg

The Kai Tala (Tala or Kai for short) are tribal people that choose to live in harmony with Artera. Their people are broken into tribes that go by many different names and languages, but they all share the same core beliefs. They are an introverted species and only seem to get involved in Erodellian politics when it affects them. The Kai Tala control a sizeable amount of Erodellian territory and hold a respected seat in the capitol. When the Kai'Tala speak, the rest of the species give ear to their wisdom.   The Kai Tala are honored and respected for their war tactics and strategies. One of the reasons Erodel has yet to sustain a successful invasion is because of the Kai Tala's location on Erodel’s primary passable terrain, and fighting tactics.   The Kai Tala are pragmatic and at times stoic. But Erodel and the Artheros as a whole are indebted to them. They helped lay the foundation for the empire and are an essential piece to its continued survival.

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15 May, 2019 07:43

Very interesting and well put together- tribal species/cultures are always a fun read. Usually, I find they are more prone to the side lines in terms of importance, but it looks like the Kai'Tala serve a vital role to the Erodel's safety, which is a nice take.

15 May, 2019 23:03

Thank you, I try my best.