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“Terran, knuckle them in th' gut. Norn, gang fur th' knees, Endur, try tae tak' aff their heids afair they start talkin.” - General Grogen

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Dwarves are the only race where the Ether is not considered an advantage. Dwarven genetics are the only one the exhibits a negative effect. Though its grants them the abilities that has made their nation prosperous. The negative effects of over exertion are magnified. In addition to that, their bodies age at twice the rate. This contributes to their aggressiveness and ‘live in the moment’ attitude. Dwarves tend to have either Blonde, Black, or Red hair. Though some have been known to have it died whatever color they want. Almost all Male Dwarves have beards and mustaches but some have been known to shave them.

Additional Information

Social Structure

In Lundar society, Your social status is linked to your business. Be it forging weapons and Armor, or exporting drink and delicacies. Diplomats are few but they sponsored and lobbied by the prominent export businesses. Men and Women are treated no different from males. Women take part in the fighting and revelry as much as men do. Though most women tend to drift towards taking care of the home front. This includes running of Inns and Taverns, rearing of children, and caring for the family. Men are very protective of their women, and an Insult to their significant other is considered an insult to them.

Civilization and Culture

Common Etiquette Rules

Dwarves are direct and forth coming. If they want something, they will say it. If they don't like you, they will tell you to your face. If you make them angry, you will know because you being attacked. For them, life to too short for pleasantries.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Axe and the Tankard

The Axe represents their willingness to work and fight. The Axe is a tool and in the right hands a weapon. To them life is too short for talking action is better than standing around talking.


The Tankard represents the joy of celebrating with comrades and the successful closure of deals, political or otherwise. It is considered more that rude to turn down a chance for revelry when offered.This could result in complete nullification of the deal.


Lundar Dwarves, were the last ones to arrive on Artera, and one of the few races that maintained their races ideals, trades and mentality from their home. Primarily the love of weapons, fighting and drinking. Their kingdom of Lundar was built from the ground up by Dwarven hand, and they take pride in their self made prosperity. But it was not without bloodshed.   In the early years of Lundar, Warlord sprung up all of the Island nation. Families took up arms against their countrymen in a war that lasted over a decade. But the bravery of on families patriarch saved their people. A simple gesture of kindness started the first united Dwaven clan. Soon they were a united people under one ruler and bound by honor and tradition.   By the time the Dwarves untied they had began to feel the effects of the Ether. And after discovering that their island was home to a large spring of Ether. They got to work trying to adapt it to tools and weaponry. The Dwarves succeed in adapting Ether to their arsenal. But this came at a cost. They began to age a lot faster. Living at the most 60 years when they were normally a long lived species. Their race is the only one on Artera that exhibits a negative effect. The Dwarves take this in stride. Using this to fuel their recklessness in combat and in Life.   Their rather sizable island is speckled with Volcanoes that the dwarves use for forging. But the nation is off the coast between the warring nations of Outland and Erodel which made them prime for invasion. But Dwarven warfare and weapons are not easily toppled. After years of both countries attempting to sway Lundar to either side of the conflict. Lundar opted to sell goods (Primarily including weapons) to both sides of the conflict. A treaty was signed by all three nations declaring the Lundar would remain a neutral territory and a demilitarized area for Erodel and Outland. To this day that treaty stands and neither Erodel nor Outland have dared to break it.

Average Height
0.4 - 1.1 meters
Average Weight
25kg - 45Kg
Average Physique
Short, Stocky, Pudgy

These hard drinking blacksmiths built their home in the forest mountains of the center of the western continent. Their main city of Smiðrheim lies at the base of a volcano, which is a major tool for their smithing and forging. The Dwarven way of life revolves around perfecting their method smithing, honing their skills in combat, as well as loud and rowdy parties; latened with food and plenty of drink.   All over Artera, Dwarves are knows for the home forged metal ore called Dorium. A steel like metal forged with concentrated Ether imbuing it with increased durability, elemental, and other various effects. Dwarves have smithing down to a near perfect science. With the right balance of metal and Ether they have been able to craft weapons with just about every imaginable effect. This makes their home country of Lundar powerful. According to some their nation is wealthy but no one on Artera knows exactly how wealthy the country is. Some say they have the largest gold reserve on the planet, some say the country is struggling to keep up with the rest of Artera.   Their smithing makes them the primary weapon suppliers for the western countries of Erodel and Outland. Though the Dwarves don't take side with anyone in the conflict, they simply supply either sides with weapons provided that the fighting remains off their nation’s soil. Neither side wishes to fight with Lundar, in effect creating a demilitarized zone between the 2 warring nations.   With Dwarves two things are certain: Remain their friends, and there will be plenty of great times. merriment. Cross them, and you might find yourself at the wrong end of a hammer.

| Ether |

Effects of the Ether on the race/species. Percentage is the amount of the population would have this effect

  • Accelerated Aging
  • Elemental Manipulation - 75%
  • Healing/Harm - 12%
  • Perception - 8%
  • Unaffected - 5%

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